Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Fourteen.Mature

Luke turned up outside my bedroom door just after seven in the afternoon.

I had been up here nearly all day, just lieing on my back with my eyes closed. The boys didnt mind; Damien had been the one to suggest that I go and have some alone time. He thought I needed space to think. And rightfully so.

My mind crossed over alot of things. Cyro and my Mother, my 'other' family, even Kiera. Jesus, she is so going to kill me. I was carried off, literally, into a wierd adventure - knowing her, she'll be dissappointed that she couldn't have come. What I had been thinking of the most though was what Luke might find. I have done quite a few silly things back home. Mainly accompanied by Kiera. What are Best Friends for?

He knocked once but I must have begun to drop off, so he quietly walked in, closing the door hesitantly.

"Only me." He had whispered yet I still woke with a little start.

"Hey Luke, sorry, I was kinda tired -" My hands reached for my eyes, wiping away the sleep.

"So you should be. It's been a long day, you needed a rest." He sat down, a lazy air to him. I know I'd been through a very different twenty four hours but for once, Mr RedHead seemed just as exhausted as I did. I lfted myself onto my hands, all the stillness that had built up in my arms and legs making the movement uncomfortable.

"So, it's time I take it?" I was nervous. Hopefully it didn't show in my voice.

"Mhmm. There's no need to worry ya know," Damn." It'll only take a couple of minutes. It might feel a bit odd at first but I'll be careful. Magic Fingers." He wiggled his fingers, grinning lightly. I rolled my eyes at him. He'll never change.

"Right then. Scoot closer so I can begin. Opposite me please." I chuckled under my breath; he sounded just like a Psychiatrist, minus the spectacles low on his nose and the leather chair. Okay, enough kidding around, I scolded my brain. This is important.

I moved over to him, crossing my legs, looking straight into his face. I didn't really know what to do with myself. What does it take to search through a person's mind and memories to pick out something vital? What if we don't find anything at all? What if we do, and I don't like what I see? What if -

"So many if's. Chill. I know you're scared but nothing bad is going to happen. Close your eyes." Five seconds of telling myself that Luke was right - God forbid, luke was right? - my eyes were shut. The light of the lamp in the corner made my vision dark orange and even though I couldn't see him, I could feel him shifting his weight forward. Within a heartbeat, his fingertips brushed against my temples. Nothing else happened. His breathing and my own the only sounds in the room. That's when it hit.

A mini-electric wave pulsed through my skin causing me to gasp. Impossible.

I could feel it, probing inside my head. Almost as if it were opening doors and drawers, searching and searching for something lost. Lost. Image after image flashed through my mind, bright and clear. Me, aged Eight and a half, sitting on the deck swing in the back garden. I was picking the petals off of a daisy, one by one.

Flash. Me chasing Tommy down the stairs - he'd taken one of my favourite films and was refusing to give it back. Flash. 'Mum' shouting at me. Her eyes were blazing, pointing repeatedly at a broken vase. I hadn't meant to drop it - I hadn't even recalled doing so. I swear, I'd placed it in the middle of the table yet when I turned around, there was a splitting crack. The vase was on the floor, broken clean in two. I remember running away up to my room, crying afterwards.

"That's a bit odd."

"What is?" I bit my lip, resisting the urge to open my eyes again.

"The vase." Luke replied. " Faye, do any particular memories spring to mind for you? Where you were angry or frightened? Did anything wierd happen or anything you couldn't really explain?"

I wanted to give him some idea, some memory but concentrating was becoming difficult: his fingers were still attatched to the sides of my face, invisible threads waving in between my past experiences. I felt so ... invaded. I know i'd allowed Luke to do this, for the good of finding out who I am but the fact that ones private space could be so easily cast aside was concerning. Anybody, any Vampire could find out whatever they wanted, and I wouldn't be able to stop it ...

"Damien, Jamie and I would never let that happen to you. Please. Just try, that's all I ask."

I squeezed my eyes together, desperately attempting to remember. Angry. Frightened. Another flash. Just white background, but slowly the scene started to unfold.

The End

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