Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Thirteen.Mature

I stared at the floor, while the boys just stared at me. They can't be serious ... can they? The painful feeling of loss mercilessly stabbing at my heart confirmed that they couldn't be joking. Sane people don't joke about something like that. But what about Leo, Tommy and Yvonne ... 'Mum and Dad'?

"Faye, say something. Anything." Damien pleaded, still kneeling on the floor.

"How do you even know any of this?" I could have asked other questions but this was the first one that had rationally materialised in my head.

"Trust me, it's a well known story around here," Luke said. " Jamie's father was also part of the guard sent to The Crossing at the time. He knows what happened better than most."

"So ... everybody knows the poor, sad tale of how my own Mother was raped and killed by a cruel, heartless monster before I do. Wonderful."

"We know that you're upset, but don't worry. You'll be safe here. Nobody is going to find you." Damien comforted me. Upset? He doesn't know anything. That word doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.

"I guess. Does this mean that I'm ... half Vampire? I know that's obvious but ... what? Do I need to drink blood now? Am I banned from going out in sunlight here?" That's what it's like in the films, right? Dracula - Prime example.

They all chuckled.

"Humans don't present us correctly. Yes, we do drink blood, but it's not essential. We are naturally drawn to it, but in time we learn control and discipline. It's like sugar; You don't neccessarily need it but you take it anyway." Try telling Kiera that Jamie. Sugar is her life - you take her chocolate away? She'll give you a black eye. I smirked at the thought.

"And, as for sunlight, we don't have an issue with it. We don't burst into flames and we don't melt into puddles. We just look ..." Jamie stopped, while he tried thinking of the right word.

"Shiny." Luke finished for him. I gave him a perplexed look.

"Shiny?" How can a guy be shiny? He smirked at me and then began to stand up.

"Mhmm. I'll show you." He strode over to a tall room lamp and rolled up his right shirt sleeve, then flicked the switch. The demonstration was shocking; His white skin sparkled, like thousands of tiny diamonds were embedded in the surface. Each finger glittered in the dark, like crystal.

"Okay. That was quite cool."

"Hell yes." He replied.

"Right, so blood isn't really a problem and neither is sunlight. What do I have to be prepared for then?"

"It's not so much as being prepared for anything." Damien began." But as we explained before, Vampires do have special abilities. Considering you were fathered by one, there's an even chance of you possessing such benefits."

"Do you three of any ...'special abilities'?" I asked, hesitantly. What? It's a reasonable enough question!

"Of course we do." Luke answered, his signature grin plastered on his face. " I, for one, can sense glimpses of the future - that's what you witnessed last night, and also read minds. But that's an all-rounder. Still, not just a hot predator."He winked, flexing his arms. Don't slap him, don't slap him, don't slap him ...

"Ignore him," Said Jamie. "I have the 'nack' of blending into my surroundings easily. Not only is it handy when hunting but it helped quite alot when trying to find you previously."

"Just your average Vampire Chamealeon then?" Oh, look at me, Miss Comedy Central. He laughed at my poorly delivered joke nonetheless.

"And finally me." Damien smiled. "Enhanced speed and the ability to heal wounds or internal infections with ease."

"So, I could have any of those? Or is it more of an individual gift? Like, everyone being different?" Hmm. I just had a distinctive reminder of Tommy's collection of super-hero comics. Move over Batman ...

"Usually, yes, it is individual. But anything is optional. You would be suprised by how much variety there is." Damien's voice interrupted the random image of myself dressed as Wonder Woman that flashed through my brain. I blinked a few times, then concentrated back on the conversation.

"Is there a way to find out if I possess anything ... extra?"

"Well, the norm for any young Vampire would be to simply wait. Their true power would emerge soon enough. In your case though, that might not occur, willingly. One of us, preferably Luke, would need to search through your own memories first before we could even consider another method; we would need something useful to point us in the right direction." Luke? Luke? Searching through my private memories? Oh My God, I am screwed.

I think he must have caught my almost horrified expression becuase said Vampire immediately added on, "Um, don't you think it would be better if you did it, Damien? I mean, if Faye didn't want me too".

Oh man. Now he decides to try and make things easier for me?

Come on - Sure, he needs to grow up a bit. But he's here to help.

I don't want to feel guilty again ...

I know he acts like a complete perv half the time ... but the other half can't be too bad. I sighed.

"Don't worry, I don't mind. That is, if we went through with trying to understand, my more - my other side." Oh, perfect. Now Jamie looks confused, Damien's probably questioning my sanity and my mind is going to be scooped out and examined in the next day or so. Nice. At least Luke seem's happy that I had just trusted my memories to him. He even smiled at me just then.

Wait, Wait, Wait! Hold up. I stared at Luke; no cockiness. No eyeing me up at the same time. It wasn't even a smirk. He actually, genuinely smiled. He must be happy ...

"Well that's settled then. As soon as possible we'll sort this out."

"Sounds good to me." Luke was still smiling. And for some reason, this made me smile too. Being half Vampire doesn't seem so bad. Then the story of Cyro reminded me how awful this world can become. Oddly, I am not fearful of my - my- Ugh. I can't even think of him being any sort of relation to myself. The point is though, I am not scared. I will never be scared of someone, something so cowardly. All I feel towards him is immediate hate. Hate for what he did to my real Mother. Hate for bringing so many of his kind to death or punishment. But not hate for, although indirectly, meeting Damien, Luke and Jamie. Sure, I was normal a day ago; but if everything was normal, life wouldn't be as interesting. And within the un-natural life I have just been thrown into, there is one thing I am going to do - with help of course.

I'm going to make my Mother proud of me.




The End

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