Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Twelve.Mature

Deep sympathy and pity for the woman overwhelmed me. Nobody deserves to go through what she must have.

"She couldn't exactly fight back. He was stronger beyond belief compared with her, everything about Cyro drew her in; His looks, his voice, even his scent. There was nothing she could do. Of course as soon as Cyro realised the full extent of what he had done afterwards, everything was different. He came for a kill and he was going to get one."

"There was something that he hadn't expected to happen though," Luke added in. "All he thought he had to do was find her once more and silence her so nothing of what he had done could be used against him. Foolishly, he had forgotten that during the time when he was calming down and trying to relinquish himself of his animal instincts, he had left her. Lieing on the ground. When he returned, she was gone."

"She had ran back to her team, where she confided in the only close friend she had there; the Teams' Doctor, Maddie or Madeline. She was scared, knowing that what she had done was dangerous. She was checked over and what Maddie had to tell her was a deep shock." Oh no. No. No, no, no, no ... I repeatedly shook my head, buried in my hands. I can't listen to this.

"Our kind grow incredibly fast when we are young. So when Maddie informed the woman that she was at least two weeks pregnant, only one explanation was clear. They tried to rid her of it, as soon as they found out what she was holding. Cyro was still trying to track her down, but they both knew enough to conceal themselves for a day. Maybe two. The timing didn't help at any rate. Method after method, the situation was not improving - her stomach was getting bigger every minute, making it seem like she had been pregnant for a number of months than only a few hours. Maddie wanted to kill the 'baby' as soon as the woman gave birth to it, which became obviously what would happen afterwards. But the woman became oddly attatched to what she was carrying."

I'd only just realised that I had started to cry. Several small, salty droplets had run down my face and onto my neck. I wiped them away with the back of my hand, trying to seem inconspicuous.

"It wasn't an it to her now. It was a baby. A vulnerable, un-protected baby, that needed a mother. She had decided, hours before she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy daughter that she would have to send her away. Not because the baby girl was a threat or because she felt no love for her. She wanted her to be safe. The last thing she asked of her friend Maddie, before Cyro arrived and torched the place to the ground, was to take her child away. As long as nobody from our world could find her. A place that would protect her."

I lifted my head, meeting three, intense pairs of eyes, staring straight at my red, moisture-stricken face.

"Where better than the Human World? No Vampire can stay there too long and placed with a caring, normal family, there was a very small chance of word ever getting to that child. Cyro eventually went back to The Crossing, back home, but he was never again a free man. He was hunted down time and time again for what he had done. The strain that his actions created. He escaped the laws clutches and fled into hiding, only ever making contact with others of our kind to arrange searches for his child."

"He didn't know at first, about his daughter. The only reason he did discover the truth was that Maddie told him. She had turned into a bitter old woman; She was afraid and tired of the secret that lay on her shoulders. She had done what her friend wanted because she was dieing - the birth had left her in a horrible state. She never wanted the baby to live past its first breath. So, ever since he was told, he has been looking. Not out of love, though. He was guaranteed to be locked up after leading his group to The Crossing, dis-respecting the Higher Force. If they found out he had a child? He'd be burned alive and hacked into pieces for sure." Damien finished, but then slowly got up to kneel in front of me. To see his face.

"This is why you've got to stay with us, Faye. It's either us or you get killed. You're one of us now, like you always have been."


The End

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