Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Eleven.Mature

"I .. I'm sorry ... I didn't mean -" I stuttered, turning away from them to head straight back up the stairs, but was stopped by Damien's hand clamped onto my own.

"How much of that did you hear?" His voice was a frail whisper of his usual friendly perkiness. Instead of answering I tried once more to run upstairs, so that I could hide. Hide away from what I had heard.

She'll soon find out that her family isn't technically her family at all -'.

The words burned themselves into my brain, scolding my thoughts, surging pain through my body and mind.

"Faye, don't. We need to talk to you. Please." I didn't say anything. I just let Damien lead me into the Living Room to sit on the sofa.

"What do you mean by my family not being my family?" I was having trouble controlling my shaking voice and I couldn't even bare to look at the three of them.

"You know ... we said that you could be this person we've been searching for? Well, there is a reason for that." I could tell that Damien was finding it uncomfortable to explain to me. "I know this might sound stupid but it is all one hundred per cent true. About fifteen or sixteen years ago, a pandemic spread among our world: People ... like us, were changing. Our abilities decreased, our lives which previously not a singly human soul knew of were discovered. Only few individuals knew about us but that didn't make it any less dangerous."

"A human woman had been snooping around. She was a mediocre scientist and played a small role in the research team that they had gathered together. She was quite ... eye-catching. For a human. From what i've been informed anyway." Damien stopped, and let Jamie continue for him.

"Aswell as most of our kind's abilities changing, our self-control was affected too. Usually, it takes alot to make us feed without thinking it through. Nonetheless, those were hard times and some of us just couldn't handle the fact that there were humans, just outside our doorstep. A free meal ticket. We were all supposed to lay low for a while; the only way they could find out more about us was if we crossed over to them. It sounded reasonable, at the time but just incase someone stepped out of line, the Higher Force sent guards to watch over The Crossing."

"Who are The Higher Force?" I interrupted. Luke decided to answer this time.

"I suppose they are like our version of a Government. They make descisions that affect us."

"Exactly. Now, the guard part did work for a while. But after so long, we became restless. A group of our kind decided to try and enter the Human World: they planned for weeks and weeks but after the attempt, only one actually passed through. All the rest had either surrendered to the guards who stopped them, died while trying or fled when it got tough. Their leader, Cyro, was determined though. He hadn't come that far to just let it go. When everybody was fighting, he managed to slip through, leaving his minions to burn."

Damien almost choked out the last sentence. His jaw was rigid and his hands had curled into clenched fists. I looked at him, trying to find out what could have triggered his reaction. Jamie smiled, sympathetically and gave him a quick but comforting pat on the back. He then continued, wavering at the start but then focusing once more.

"When he got to the other side, he immediatly caught the scent of a Human and stealthily tried to seek out his prey. His vampire instincts took over, locking his emotions and reason away. But even though his thirst was high he had to stop when he eventually found the Human. The woman from the research team was there, alone. Another type of thirst was flowing through him. The rest you can probably guess."

"That is sick ..." I whispered.


The End

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