Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Ten.Mature

Throughout most of my life, whether it was food, toys from when we were all young enough to bother with them or computer and television privelages, everything had to be shared between my two brother's, my younger sister Yvonne and I. So when I had the option of using quite a large and stunningly beautiful En-suite without the worry of somebody else bursting in, how could I say no?

It was simply outstanding; Ivory-coloured walls, brass fixtures each delicately designed to the most infinite detail. To start things off, I ran a nice,hot bath for myself, the warmth of the water blissfully washing away the stress that had slowly built up since yesterday. I even managed to find one of those scented 'Fizz Bombs' behind all of Jamie's deoderants and colognes to pop in with me. Luxury of the finest kind. I guess I should have been apprehensive about Bathing in someone else's home, but I was in dear need of some TLC.

After completly soaking my hair from root to tip, I eventually climbed out, wrapping a long white towel around my body. I snatched the hairbrush that I spotted from the top of the cupboard and tried, unsuccessfully, to tame my stubborn hair. No matter how hard I tried, it wouldn't stay straight! So I reluctantly gave up and managed to scrape my hair back into a neat ponytail. Tada.

Walking out of the En-suite I made my way over to the bed where Damien had left my pile of clothes; A pair of well-fitting black jeans, a purple strappy top, plain slip on shoes and a thin, soft materialed jacket. I did start to wonder where Damien could have found these for me. I mean, I hadn't noticed anybody else here, let alone a woman. Had somebody else 'visited' before me? ... Did they ever return back to their towns?

Me and my darn imagination again. Nothing is going to happen; I'll be fine.

I quickly changed into my clothes and, just before leaving, recovered the little make-up from the bottom of my school bag that the boys had left on the Dresser. I don't usually wear alot of make-up; It doesn't seem neccessary to have it for school when it will all just get scrubbed off in the end. There was nobody to impress. Yet I still kept whatever small lip glosses or eye shadow Kiera proceeded to buy me on the odd shopping trip. I applied some light blusher and a smudge of mascara then headed for the door.

Um, was it this way?

Nah, was that way.

Ya know, i'm pretty sure it was down the- It's not. Ugh.

God, this house is so huge. At least, compared to any other home i've entered over the years, Thanks to my late night - Or should I say early morning? - tour, I wasn't at a complete loss.

Walk down the corridor. Left turn. Keep walking until I reach the Upstairs Bathroom. Take another left turn and down the stairs. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

It only occured to me once I got down there that Damien said that they would be downstairs, but hadn't mentioned exactly where. Balls.

Thankfully, I heard two voices potruding from the door that I believed to be the Living Room. Hah, not so directionally-impared after all!

"Dude, how the hell are we supposed to explain this to her without her freaking out!"

"She won't freak Luke. She'll just be suprised. Hopefully."

"Suprised? Jamie, as if being kidnapped is hard enough to come to terms with ..."

"And this is coming from the guy who tried to feel her up a good few hours ago? When did you start caring?"

"Guys! Keep it down! She'll be here any second .."

"... And we still haven't thought of a plan may I remind you Damien."

What are they talking about? Am I missing something?


Quiet you. I was about to call out, tell them that i'm here now. But, hey! If it concerns me, shouldn't I get to know? They'll stop talking if I barge in right this minute ...

"I know that, alright, just be quiet okay!"

"Why? She'll soon find out her family isn't technically her family at all -"


Everything was silent. I abruptly covered my mouth with my hands, shocked at how loud that had come out. And, worst of all; the boys had appeared right in front of me, eyes widened.



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The End

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