Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Nine.Mature

"You play guitar, Jamie?" I asked.

"Yeah, kinda. I mean, i'm not exactly the best musician in the world, but I am a quick learner." He replied, proudly. I couldn't help it - I smiled, the corners of my lips reaching right up to my cheek bones.

The instrument brought back a very fond memory of my own; Kiera and I had magically come to the conclusion that we wanted to be Rockstars one afternoon. We were Nine and had no past experience with music at all, which was what made it such an important goal in our little lives. One day at School, Kiera pointed out that what better way was there to become a Rockstar than find a guitar, or a set of drums, and get straight to work; Success did not come from sitting on one's butt day in and day out. We entered Mrs Harvey's Music Department, and low and behold, our destiny awaited us. An hour later, we were sent to the Headmistress's Office for damage of school property; Kiera had snapped two of the strings off in an attempt to 'show her skills'. We got in trouble, but, oh man it was worth it.

"He's available Thursdays and Fridays, charges £15 pounds and hour and does special sessions of the ' Happy Birthday' song of you're interested." I heard Luke joke from behind me, sadly interrupting my trip down Memory Lane.

"Oh, hah hah, very funny .." I grimaced, nudging him none too lightly in between his ribs.

"What is it with you and Violence?" He complained, rubbing his sides for comfort. I merrily skipped away from him and flopped onto my bed - the image of innocence, am I not? Damien, Jamie and Luke all sat with me, cross legged.

"So Faye, what do you think?" I turned my head around to face Damien.

"Well ..." Oh, just say it. Sure, it's been a day that you'll never forget in a million years. But the House never did anything to you. "I guess I can't really deny that your home is very beautiful. Amazing."

"We're glad that you like it." He grinned at me, infectuously.

I took a long, good look at the three of them, sat there, calm as anyone could be. They all seemed ... generally happy and carefree, as opposed to my tired and straggly appearance. Damien's eyes, bright and large. Luke's hair, a flame among the dark. Jamie's face, pale but nonetheless youthful. And me: A complete mess, flustered from trying to keep up with the boys as we journeyed around the building. And my clothes, obviously worn. A thought struck as my mind noted this.

"Um, guys? Is there a chance that i could change, perhaps? I look like i've been dragged through a hedge backwards." I muttered. My analysis was probably quite generous.

"Oh, God! I never thought. Sorry Faye, you stay here and I'll be right back!" Damien ran out of the room before I could tell him that I didn't mind too much anymore. I don't know how they do that. Simply be that fast. One minute, they could be standing right beside me, the next, almost five miles away. Damien's speed could put a Cheetah to shame.

"Man, he works too hard." Another interruption to my rambling thoughts from Luke.

"Doesn't look like that to me. He just seems eager to please."

"Eager to please you inparticular..."He replied.

"Luke, shut up. We can't all be on her favourite's list ya know." Jibed Jamie. I gave them both an annoyed little shove to persuade them to stop bickering.

"I do not have favourites. I hardly know you guys anyway."

"Oh, but you want to get to know me surely?" I could tell that Luke was smirking as he spoke. I turned and tried to give him my fiercest glare but didn't succeed in getting the response I wanted. He just continued smirking at me and lifting his eyebrows suggestively.

"Has anyone ever told you before that you're a pig, Luke?" I folded my arms upon my chest and turned back round, flicking my hair whilst doing so. I know I hadn't exactly thrown him off as i swore he just whispered 'Oink, oink.' under his breath. I kept my eyes on the door and eventually Damien re-entered, holding a neat folded pile of clothes in his hands.

"Right, um, these are for you Faye. If you want you can use the En-suite to freshen up a bit, have a bath maybe. Jamie, Luke and I will be downstairs if you need us.

"This room has an En-suite?" I hadn't spotted another door when i came in.

"Of course, just over there." He pointed to an almost concealed Doorway in the corner of the bedroom, the colour of the wood very similar to the wallpaint. "Now, come on guys. We have stuff to do, remember."

"Oh do I really have to go? I'm comfortable where i am ..." Luke just had to be the stubborn one.

"I'm sure Faye would prefer to be alone getting ready, don't you?" God bless Jamie and his depriving logic. He gave Luke an expression that even the most persistant man could understand; Shift before I do it for you.

"Alright, alright, i'm leaving." Luke said, in a slightly defeated tone, raising his hands up defensively. He stood up and, annoyingly, ruffled my hair before he left. "Later, Babe."

The nerve of some people.

"Well, when you're done, just come and find us. Try not get lost." Said Damien, a cheeky grin aimed at me. He left just after Luke and Jamien, gently closing the door, me lieing on the duvet staring up at the ceiling. Alone. With the En-suite Bathroom.



The End

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