Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Eight.Mature

Damien took my empty plate and put it in the sink, then, taking my hand, lead me out of the kitchen. Luke and Jamie followed close behind.

"Okay. Firstly, this is the Living Room." Damien informed me as we entered a small but cosy space. Most of the room was taken up by a medium sized Plasma screen, a rectangular coffee table, littered with playing cards, car magazines and mugs, and a large, rich-brown leathered corner suite.

"I take it, that's where Jamie slept?" I pointed towards the sofa, where a pillow and blanket had been tossed aside.

"Yeah. It's alot comfier than it looks." Jamie chuckled, raking a hand through his bed-head hair. Or should that be Couch-head? I smiled at him then continued walking with Damien.

"Here is the downstairs Bathroom." He indiciated at the door to his left." Nothing ... really interesting in there."

"Guess we're all gonna have to learn to put the seat down after we're finished, eh." joked Luke. I smirked slightly then whispered under my breath, " And to try and aim better."

"I heard that!" Luke laughed, loudly.

"Then as a warning, i do not tolerate towels thrown on the floor, someone using my toothbrush if they've lost theirs and innapropriate magazines hidden behind the radiator." I retorted, playfully. He's not the only one that's got a cheeky side in them.

"May God have mercy on the guy who leaves his private porn stash in the bathroom when you're around." I cringed, but kept my opinion to myself. Luke could grab at anything and turn it into an innuendo.

Altogether, it took an overall half an hour to be directed throughout the whole building. From the Living Room to the luscious back garden, where the smell of freshly cut grass tickled at my nose and newly grown flowers overwhelmed me. I had asked who originally tended the minature paridise, but the guys didn't know either. They occassionally take turns in trimming the hedges when the time comes but apart from that, they said it looked almost exactly the same as it had when they moved in.

We finally stopped at the boy's bedrooms. I recognised Jamie's first, but only because of where it was positioned in the hallway. Otherwise, i would've had absoloutly no clue.

The three bedrooms were of pretty much the same size but all entirely different in some way. Luke's room contained sport's posters, a giant sound system, along with stacks upon stacks of Music CD's and movies; Muse, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, the list went on. While Damien's on the other hand, was filled with rows of books and his own ... well, i presume they were his own, detailed sketches, large and small pinned onto every inch of wallpaper within. There was a robin perched on a branch, plump and fluffed up. A fierce Tiger, stalking it's way through tall grass.

And Jamie's ... his was rather simple, but yet again, slightly unique. When i walked into his room, or at least my room for the time being, the first thing i noticed was an old acoustic guitar resting against the foot of the bed.


The End

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