Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Seven.Mature

"Faye .. i think you've probably guessed that we aren't  regular guys. I personally trust you enough that you won't purposely tell anybody about us, but anything can happen under pressure. There's still the issue on whether you are who we believe you are. You can't leave yet." Lovely. I'm not even allowed to go back home. I know he said 'yet' but i have that nagging feeling deep in the back of my mind that they have no intention to let me leave this house. Stupid Vampires.

"Okay. I guess that's ... fair." I mumbled. Damien's head turned to face me, confused.

"You mean ... you're not mad? Upset? You're a long way from you're .. family, you know." Odd. Why did hesitate at the word 'family'?

"Nah, i think i can live without them for a little while .." That was a total lie obviously; i love my family, regardless of how annoying or over protective they can be sometimes. But i don't think i'm ready to pour my sobbing little heart out to them right now. "Anyways, where's my breakfast, Chef?" I forced out a half laugh, to cover up my much too long thinking-to-myself moment.

"Comin' up Ma'am." He laughed and then placed a full plate of fried eggs and bacon in front of me. Holy Zombie Jesus; I struggled to stop myself from drooling. I thanked him and gratefully dug in. How long have i not eaten for? A day? Maybe two? It felt like weeks, possibly months.

Although as reluctant i am to think it, Damien is a pretty good cook. The bacon was mouthwatering and just crispy enough and the egg yolk was perfect.

Maybe he's just as good at cooking human flesh as he is at animals.

Shut the hell up and let me eat, I scolded my brain, shoving away those creeping thoughts. About halfway through my 3am Breakfast, Jamie returned from upstairs, fully clothed this time.


What did i just say?

I shook my head; i'm arguing with myself now? Being around these guys is starting to have a wierd affect on me. Particularily on my current sanity.

"Sorry i took so long. Enjoying your food Faye?" Jamie asked politey. Through a large mouthful of mushed up egg i managed to say, "Yup".

"Good."He said, smiling heartily. He pulled up a chair and set next to me, presumably waiting for me to finish. He looked purely at ease in a plain black shirt and working jeans. I smiled back at him, then continued with my eggs and bacon.

"You know what guys," I'd almost blissfully forgotten that Luke was still in the room; he had been leaning against the wall, in silence until now. "I think that considering Faye is gonna be staying with us she's going to need a tour."

"Actually, that's a good idea. Would you like a tour of the house? I know it's quite early to be walking round the place, but you are gonna need to know you're way." Damien said to me.

"Hm. I guess so; i'm finished so we could go now." i suggested, before actually registering what i just said. Oh, calm down. They've already expressed that they want to keep me safe. Safe! They're not going to lead me to a trap or something.

I sincerely hope they don't.

"Yeah, cool. Come on, we'll start in the living room then make our way up."

The End

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