Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Six.Mature

"Faye, i do realise that we have alot of explaining to do. But i suppose Luke is right, you're probably starving," Luke was smirking again as he placed me on my feet; i'm guessing that admitting that somebody like Luke could be the wise and wonderful adviser is quite rare. "Sit down and i'll make you something." Damien smiled, gesturing me to sit in his seat, which i eventually took. Great - Breakfast a la Freakhouse.

I nervously glanced around the room. It looked like any normal kitchen; Oven, fridge, sink, cabinets, table. You could even almost say it had a ... home feeling. I shuddered. This isn't home.

"D..Damien?" I whispered, quietly.

"Yes, Faye?" He called from over by the fridge.

"Where am i ..?" I didn't want to do the nasty, independant approach anymore - it's not like it worked so far, is it? I just wanted some answers. Is that really too much to ask? He pushed the door closed and walked past the table over to the Cooker, carrying a box of six eggs.

"You're .. well, you're in our home. You were in danger and we needed to take you somewhere where you would be out of harm's way." He explained as i fidgeted with a loose piece of cotton that had escaped from my school shirt. "By the way, how do you want your eggs? Fried?"

The sudden change of topic momentarily confused me. "Um, yeah, fried is fine ... thanks."

"I prefer mine scrambled." a voice added. Luke had been leaning against the kitchen door, and was grinning mischieviously. Not good.

"Just like your brain. Go on, wake up Jamie. His snoring is shaking the house."

"Ahhh,"He sighed dramatically. "My favourite part of the day. Ohhhhh Jamieee!" Luke ran out of the kitchen, only to be chased right back in again by a disgruntled Jamie five seconds later. The two were almost play fighting, Luke trying to free himself from Jamie's brawly arms pulling him into a headlock. The scene reminded me of my own brother's - one trying to get the better over the other. Except they couldn't destroy a whole house if they wanted while doing so.

"Luke! You are so dea-" And then Jamie's eyes met mine. "Oh. Um. Hello Faye." He waved, nervously, as Luke scrambled out of his reach. His cheeks were rosy and he had a small smirk on his face - he was embarrassed. I couldn't exactly see why. I was the one with hair like a haystack and left over makeup smeered everywhere. Then i noticed - he wasn't wearing a shirt. Six pack City.

"Um, i'm just gonna ... go find something to put on. Be right back .." He left the kitchen quickly, and ran upstairs, his footsteps echoing through the cieling.

"Well. That was a nice sight to wake up to in the morning."I giggled. Damien laughed at my response, while Luke just seemed generally suprised.

"Not as nice as waking up next to me in the morning, that's for sure." He winked at me. Ugh ...

"In your perverted dreams, Lover boy. Faye is going to behave while she's here, aren't you Faye?" Damien questioned me through a deep laughing fit.

"Oh yeah. Good girl, moi." Luke mouthed 'i could change that'. I shook my head, rolling my eyes. "On the subject of me being here ... Am i actually, allowed to go home?" The easy going, relaxed atmosphere dissappeared to be replaced by another awkward silence.


The End

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