Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Five.Mature

"And where are you going at this hour, Young Lady?" Uh-oh. Busted.

"Ummm ..." I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned, coming face to face with none other than Luke. " .. Escaping?" He chuckled.

"Well, you're doing a bad job of it. Exit is that way." He pointed with his right hand in the opposite direction.

"Oh ... Thanks!" I zoomed past him, making a break for it, only to be hauled back by my waist.

"Did i permit you to use that exit?" Luke's annoyingly boyish grin filled my vision.

"One: get the fuck off of my hips. Two: You can't tell me what to do! And three, where the hell am i?" I grabbed onto his hands, which were still resting comfortably on my hips, and flung them away, visciously.

"Okay, if i must." He shrugged dissapointedly and folded his arms, pouting. "I promised the boys that i wouldn't say anything until we were all up, fed and relaxed."

"What, they're here too? Luke, just tell me where i am! One minute i was five yards away from home, the next, i was in a bed! Take me home! You have to take me home!" Great - i'm babbling again. I would be generally suprised if he caught any of that.

"Calm down, Faye! We've taken you somewhere safe, i can guarantee you that. Look, how about we go downstairs for breakfast? Damien is already up and Jamie ... is still on the couch. But we could fix that." His eyes glinted with the possibility of mischief.

".. Breakfast? At 3am? Why's Jamie on the couch?" I questioned him. More importantly, why am i even asking? I should be running. Jumping out of a window maybe. Becoming a Human Pancake sounded alot more tempting than being anywhere near these 'people'.

"You've been asleep for quite a while, i thought you'd be hungry. And Jamie offered to give up his room while you're staying here."

"Right. But what do you mean 'while i'm staying here'? I wanna go home." How could i not? I'm alone, and above all, i'm scared; but it's not very likely that i'll admit that to Luke. And now that i think about it ... i really need the bathroom.

"You can't go home. At least, not yet. Now come on! Breakfast!" He clasped onto my hand and led me up the corridor, despite my efforts of leaning back on my heels to make it difficult.

"But ... but i need to go home! I don't know where i am! Luke, goddammit, let go!" I complained.

"Jesus, i never knew women could be such moaners." He tutted me and then, wedding style, lifted me up, as if i only weighed about a quarter of my orginal size. I screamed and involuntary wrapped my arms around his bare neck as he sped down a long, winding staircase.

"Oh God, i think i'm gonna puke .."

"You better not! Do you not realise how expensive this shirt is?" In any other circumstances, i would have laughed. The first male i've met that actually cares that their clothes might get ruined. He immediately stopped at the bottom of the stairs, causing my already queezy innards to jolt, and carryed me into the room exactly opposite us. Damien was sitting at a small corner table, drinking what looked like a mug of coffee. What, no blood?

"Luke, what on Earth are you doing?"

"What does it look like i'm doing? Faye wanted something to eat, so i helped her get down here faster." He smiled, innocently, still cradling me in to his chest.

"You seem to have forgotten that humans are normally asleep at this hour." He chugged down the rest of his coffee and placed the mug in the sink, right next to him.

"She's been asleep for the past day, don't ya think she'd be hungry by now? Anyway, i wasn't the one who woke her up. I caught her halfway down the corridor." Luke replied. I stared at my feet, focusing on my shoelaces intently.

Why am i feeling guilty right now? They're the ones that practically kidnapped me!

But you know you shouldn't be running from the group that saved you from Elliott.

Valid point, conscience. Valid point.


The End

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