Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Four.Mature

The first thing i noticed when i woke was that everything was dark. I could still make out a few hazy shapes but aside from that, just black. I might aswell have kept my eyes closed for all the good that they did when i opened them. Secondly, i realised that i was in a bed. I felt around the covers using my hands; the fabric felt smooth and delicately light and, i had to admit, was heaven upon my skin. My head sunk into the soft pillow, tempting me to fall back to sleep. God knows, i deserve it. Sleep - wonderful, fabulous sleep. My legs, arms and especially feet felt tingly and incredibly warm, but slightly uncomfortable. No suprise, considering it still felt like i was dressed in my school uniform.

Aswell as not being able to see much, i couldn't hear anything either. Not that i minded. The calm, empty silence relaxed me, in a way. I have never felt comfort like this before. The word 'quiet' doesn't exist in my home. My older brother, Leo, had been going through his crazed rock music fan phase for the past six months or so, drowning the house in Green Day's newest Album. I guess i could sympathise with him - they're a pretty good band. But i am not a fan of loud explosions and army crap, which my younger brother Tommy had become rather fond of lately. I couldn't walk past his bedroom door without my eardrums threatening to burst.

I turned over, trying to get comfortable once more; then it all came flooding back. Elliott. Luke. Jamie. Damien.

I sat bolt upright and groaned quietly under my breath. I have absoloutly no idea where i am, when it is or what the hell i'm going to do. Why, why did i have to wake up?

I took a look at my small wristwatch and, although the darkness of the room made it difficult, i gradually made out the three minature hands; Hour, Minute and Second. No wonder i feel exhausted, it's three O'clock in the morning! I am an early riser but never this early.

I swung my legs over to the right side of the bed, pushed myself up and slowly, carefully, started to tip-toe across the floor. With the thankful help of my hands once more, i began feeling around the room space. I could feel a hard, solid wooden surface. Possibly a dresser or wardrobe. My fingertips briefly brushed against what i guessed to be a pair of curtains, silky and pleasantly similar to that of the bed covers. I carryed on like this, cautiously creeping my way around the bedroom, stepping lightly to try and avoid squeeky floorboards until my hands rested upon a large doorhandle. My key to escape.

I opened the door, silently begging for it not to creek. A thin beam of light appeared from the tiny gap i had made, piercing the darkness.

Carefully, i slipped through the gap and into the unknown. Honestly? I was quite suprised by what i saw. I had been expecting ... well, dim stone walls and blazing torches hung from them. Not bright coloured wall paper and pastel paintings. The movies lied to me.

Everything seemed quiet enough. I took quick glances behind me, left and right, and began to sprint away from the room. I didn't care how loud i was, i needed to get out! My Blonde moment passed; Hey Faye, did you consider that you're trying to escape from a place you've never been before? I don't even know how to get out. My sense of direction is already appalling.

"And where are you going at this hour, Young Lady?"


Hope you liked readers =D. Special thanks to 'Neon Lights' for reminding me that this story still needed to be finished XD. x

The End

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