Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Three.Mature

"They are here." That one sentence seemed to strike fear into the boys beside me.

"They .. they can't be! The last time that I heard they were at least a day, maybe two behind us!"

"They are here Jamie." Luke murmured. I couldn't say exactly that I liked Lukes attitude the first time we met but I would gladly swap it with the grim expression that faced me right now.

"Sorry to, uh, intrude. Kinda. But who are 'they'?" Okay, I'm not a complete idiot; I know who they are referring to must be bad. Anyone could figure that out if they just listened to their bitter, angry voices. But, then again, I could still be wrong. The only way to find out was to ask.

The three of them each stared at me, worried and anxious looks pasted upon their pale faces, once they heard my question. It seemed simple enough. Oh, sorry, my bad. Nothing in life is ever really simple these days is it? Instead of them answering, Damien and Jamie turned to Luke once again.

"Look, I know you said that they were here, but, well be specific! What, fifty yards away? Five minutes? We have to know! Quickly!"

"I'm not sure Damien. They are just ... here." Luke repeated. Jamie stood up to my suprise and walked over to where iIwas sitting.  His amber eyes, concerned yet certain at the same time.

"Faye, I'm going to be short and sweet; five minutes ago, you had the option to either stay here or come with us. Now? You have no choice. You're in danger and we need to get you out of here." His rand reached out to mine, pulling me unwillingly to my feet.

"What do you mean? Let go!  You can't make me go anywhere! And what's with Luke? How can he tell about them coming? Explain to me! Please!" I begged. I attempted to free my trapped wrist from Jamie's iron grasp, but he wasn't going to let go in a hurry.

"First of all, yes, I can make you go. Second, Luke is special. And thirdly, we don't have anough time to explain things!"

"Yeah, kinda knew Luke was 'special' in the first place," Okay, not the best moment to use sarcasm. "But, that's not the point! How can I possibly go with you when I don't even know what all the damn fuss is about!" I yelled, furious with the lot of them. And the fact that everytime I tried to release my wrist, Jamie just held on tighter, did not help.

"Jamie, let go of her, I'll handle it. Faye, we will explain everything when we get you away from here and safe." Thankgod for Damien. I was sure if he hadn't told Jamie to stop, he might have blocked off my circulation.

"No! I can't leave here! Not now!"

"You're gonna have to! If you don't then -" He paused. Everything was quiet for a split second. The silence was uncomfortable and eerie, and I was relieved when it ceased.

"Damien? What is it? What can you hear?" questioned Jamie. His whole body was tensed and crouched over, as if preparing to pounce.

"Luke was right! They are here! We've got to get Faye away! Now!"



Three things occured after Damien's hoarse outburst. One - I was slung over Jamie's back, despite my kicking and screaming. Two - all three stealthily jumped onto the nearest side-building, swiftly speeding their way through the town.

And three? I'm pretty darn confident that I must have passed out.

The End

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