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        I was harshly thrown to the pavement as the boys ran for their lives, screaming at eachother to get out of the way - closely tailed by ... Well. I couldn't even explain what the hell it was. And, I couldn't really care less. All my mind was telling me was to run! Get out of here and go home! My eyes darted back and forth, desperatly looking for somewhere to go, to hide. Nowhere in sight.

        I backed up to the wall. Which, it did occur to me, was the most stupid idea I could of done. I took a few steps back; I swear no-one had been near me, yet when I moved, I bumped into a solid figure behind me. I honestly felt like my heart had just jumped clean out of my ribcage. I spun around, preparing to the knee the guy right where it hurts ... but as soon as I did so, my jaw dropped.

      Dark red, tussled hair. Intense, glowing eyes. Pale white features and hard muscles body. Tall stature and above all, gleaming, sharp, pointed teeth. My cue to scream.

       "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" It's voice was almost musical, not what I had expected from the appearance. My breathing was transforming into quick gasps, I wanted to scream, shout, but whenever I tried my throat dried up. I would have tried to run again, but the first attempt of mine with Elliott hadn't exactly gone to plan had it? Wow. Look at me. In the presence of a six foot monster and I'm using logic? Jesus, I must be insane ...

          "Indeed you are insane if you're not running by now." I looked up at the man directly in front of me. I suppose you couldn't really call him a man. Judging overall, my guess would be that he was only about seventeen. Eighteen maybe. But those eyes say more.

      "What ..? H - Hold on!" I stammered, trying to make some sense out of what had just happened.

       "How the hell did you gue - did you know what I just ..." My voice was dangerously high pitched, shaky and hysterical. Strangely, not like me at all. I paused to regain some of the little dignity I had left. Then I took a deep breath.

      "I demand to know who the hell you are!" I was aiming to sound couragious, or at least un-frightened but that was a total failure. Note to self : Must work on Drama skills in the future.

       "Feisty, aren't you? Must be fun being you." He smiled, and laughed. It sounded like singing to me. My stomach backflipped as another voice entered the conversation.

       "Luke, didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?" This one sounded slightly younger than the red head. Luke.

       "Plenty of times Damien, but since when did I listen to her?" He laughed again. I couldn't believe this. Here I am, scared to death as they have probably guessed by now, and they're joking around. Acting as if this is one of those everyday sort of situations! And I thought normal guys were morons.

         "That's a good point actually. But ... uh. Shouldn't we be catching up with our meal?"

        "There's no need. Jamie has caught one of them already. That blond-ish one," Oh dear God. Elliott. "Might aswell let the rest go."I have to get out of here. As I detected an escape route from his reply, I quickly interrupted.

      "Well guys, was nice meeting you and all, thanks for scaring Elliott off, and buh-bye!" I sped off right past them, not daring to look back. Turns out I didn't have to. One of them appeared in front of me to save me the job of turning my head. The red head. Again.

      "Oh, do you really have to go? For a human, you're quite interesting." His hand reached up to touch a loch of my light brown hair that had escaped my loosely tied ponytail. My eyes widened as he curled it around his index finger of his right hand.

        "Luke, is it at all possible for you to stop being a perv for one second of your life so that we can go and help Jamie?" His voice sounded irritated and suprisingly, a little annoyed. I still didn't know where his voice was actually coming from. It sounded nearer than last time he spoke out.

    "Damien! How could you even suggest such a thing?" He was still fiddling with my hair, even after I severely slapped his hand several times. He was way too close for comfort. I nearly screamed again when another boy appeared at my side. He had jet black, spiked hair, perfect angular features and spectacular emerald green eyes. He looked more like a Greek God than anybody had the right to be.

       "How on earth did you just -" He placed a finger on my lips before I could finish my burning question. He pointed upwards exactly above my head. As I followed, I realised how he's gotten to be at my side. He'd jumped off a tree branch. Okay, not as sci-fi as I thought it would be.

        "Unlike my friend here, I am not a complete idiot as to scare you even more than you already are." Hmm. A monster with manners. The black haired boy leaned over, steadily.

         "He's been quite good this year, so don't count the first impression. If anything pops up he'll be kicked out of Sex Addicts Anonymous so shhh ..." I couldn't help but giggle at this. Luke must of heard him, even over Damien's attempt to whisper as his ears had gone bright red, like the rest of him.

        "Damien! Shut up! Go and ruin the whole intimidating creature routine why don't you!" Luke bared his animal like teeth at Damien, growling. Damien leaped on top of the wall backwards, balancing on his heels. He retorted with another growl, except deeper.

         "God guys, ever heard of taking a Chill Pill?" Oh crap; not another one. This voice came from a bronze haired boy who had just appeared. He was slightly taller than Luke and Damien, with a crooked yet inviting smile. His lips were a bright shade of red ... Blood Red. Bile rose from my stomach as it dawned on me about the un-natural colour of his mouth, the light, straight stains that had trickled down to his chin, previously wiped away. He noticed by disgusted expression and guiltily tried to remove the leftover, rosy colour from his mouth.

      "Yeah ... Damien, who's this?" He sounded nervous, cautious of the fact that I was there.

       "This is her, Jamie. Faye .." As if that explains anything. Hold on. How did he know my name?

        "Seriously? How can you tell?" His infectious smile turned into a doubtful mid-frown. He ran a hand through his short hair, staring at me.

       "I just know, alright? It has to be her, even Luke thinks it's her. She fits the description and ... and ... Luke, what the hell are you doing?" The muscular body beside me had been edging closer and closer throughout the conversation, eyes burning into the side of my face. I could hear the ragged breathing and smell the strangely sweet aroma from his skin.

         "It's called making a move, don't disturb me ..." I've been around men most of my life; My father, My two brothers, Uncle Martin and Uncle Richard. All of which have had their fair share of unbelievably rude, partly Dumb moments. But none of them could meet to the expertise of Luke. He placed a warm hand around my waist - I gripped his fingers and crushed them as hard as I could. He yelped, slinging his hand back, Damien and Jamie in laughing fits. Between multiple curses and frequent use of the word 'shit' he manged to say, "See. Told you she was feisty. Owww ..."

        Despite the pain he was in already, I gave him a good punch in the arm. He just whimpered some more.

           "Don't moan about it!" I was glaring at him once more. "How do you think I was supposed to react to some random bloke, who just magically popped out of nowhere, touching me up? Hmm!"

        "You know Luke, she has a point there." The Black haired boy said.

     "Of course I have! Actually, now that you mention it, I have many more!" I raised my voice slightly; here comes that strange mount of courage again. "For one thing, why the hell are you guys here? Second, why am I still here? And third, what are you? I mean, what normal guy would just ... just ... do what you did!" My anger had reached it's highest point ever. I was frustrated, I was confused, and do they give me answers? No!

   "That's alot of questions." Luke replied. I had the most terrible urge to smack him round his head.

       "No shit, Luke. Look, Faye, I am sorry if we have ... annoyed you, or scared you, but we desperately need to talk to you! If you are who we think you are, then trust me, it will be worth it, okay?" Damien had an unusual way of sounding pretty much always right. But it didn't stop me.

       "I ... I don't believe this. You know what, scrap all the questions, I'm out of here. I am grateful that you ... you scared Elliott off and everything but you cant keep me here and I have desire to remain here, so, I'm going." These guys are nuts. Insane. Completly out of their minds.

         "Faye. You cannot go until we talk to you. Whether you like it or not." Jamie's eyes were stern and narrow as I looked up at him. Wow; I know this isn't the right time or place to mention it, but he looks cute when he's trying to be serious.

      "He means it Faye. If you are who we're looking for, then we don't have much time. There are more dangerous things out there than an arrogant school bully you know." Damien's voice darkened as he said this. I had been halfway between standing up and running off, but his obvious warning persuaded me to take my seat.

       "I don't understand. I'm just ... Faye. Just Faye." My head in my hands, I couldn't help but let a tear escape, to roll down my cheek. Jamie, who had been actually keeping space between us, I think, since he got here, made his way over to me as did Damien. They each took a seat by my side while Luke just stood where he was. I smiled briefly. Maybe he's learned his lesson that me plus pervy player equals broken limb

       "You could still be her. You'll always be Faye, no matter what anybody else might say. But there just might be something, a little extra to you. That's all." Jamie whispered. His hand was placed on my shoulder, but not in the 'Trying to hit on me way'. More of a 'If you need me I'm here kind of way'. I still couldn't believe any of this. At all.   

  "And until we actually find the boundaries of that something extra, you're going to have to see alot more of us."

     "What? What does that mean? You can't exactly walk - well, should I say creep- around looking the way that you are!" I didn't mean to sound nasty, but that was how it turned out.

       "We weren't planning on showing ourselves to anybody. Or to actually stay here as a matter of fact."

         "Then how the hell are we going to be able to contact eachoth-" The penny dropped. I stared at the three of them, a distinctive 'O' forming around my mouth, shock spreading. "No. Way. I know what you're thinking of doing, and no such thing is going to happen! Ever! You want me to tag along with you three don't you?"

      "In a sense, we do. You can't stay here, that's for sure." Damien replied.

        "WHY NOT? I can take care of myself! I don't need to be protected, or whatever, by some guys who I don't even know!" It was a one way ticket. To my death for sure. What they were saying was simply ... outrageous. Me? Go away? With them? I have family here. I can't go anywhere!

  "Um ... guys ..." Luke sounded so quiet, I could hardly hear him. But the boys could.

        "What is it, Luke?" Jamie asked, concerned. I stared up at Luke, to take in what was happening. He looked normal enough untill we locked eyes. His pupils were glazed over, bloodshot. His body was rigid and his hands and forearms were shaking.

     "They are here." That one sentence seemed to strike fear into the boys beside me.




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