Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] XMature

When Faye Adams runs into trouble on her way home after missing the Bus, she believes that, somewhere up there, God is laughing. Okay, a little Melo-dramatic. But what does the opposite of God think on this matter? A mysterious rescue and Hell's very own warriors leads to a dangerous truth.

Ever had one of those days where, for some unknown reason, everything seems to go from bad to worse? Well, that's how my Friday turned out.

      My name is Faye Adams and, probably like alot of normal people, I am not a morning person. However to be honest, the morning had started quite well - compared to the usual panic and confusion of a normal school day, anyway. I didn't fall out of bed flat on my face for once, and I didn't even trip over at all. There's one for the Record Book's. I stretched, rubbed my eyes and somehow made it downstairs without a single scratch.

     Trudging into my small kitchen, the effects of waking up so damn early hanging over me, I reached up to the top of the fridge and searched for the box of Fruit Loops. Man, I gotta love me some Fruit Loops. I grabbed the carton of milk and made myself breakfast, trying not to spill anything on the side-table. Everything, and I mean everything has to be spotless before I think about leaving the house. Clean freak parents. What can you do?

     Once finished, I quickly washed up, shoving the bowl into the nearest cupboard, spoon in the draw and up the stairs. I don't have any particular schedule. As long as my teeth get brushed and I've packed all the essentials, I'm sorted. And lets not forget the uniform ; Blue polo-shirt, dark blue V-Knecked sweatshirt, navy short skirt, black tights and the classic smart shoes. Ugh. This school has no imagination.

     After adding some last minute light Make-up I picked up my set of keys from the hook in the hallway, locked the front door and at my own pace, made my way to the Bus Stop. Considering it was Friday, I didn't mind that as soon as I take my seat my Best mate Kiera would probably bombard me with info about her latest love-interest, the newest fashion craze and who got on her nerves most this month.

     A nice, regular day. Hah. I wish.




     It was about Four o'clock and there was no choice now; I had to rest. After accidently jamming two of my fingers in the form room door, having to fend off the class-cow Mia Harries and also failing my Physics exam (Hey. Those questions were fixed, I swear.), I thought the day couldn't get much worse. That was until I was held back in Art class for five minutes, making me miss the bus. I was beyond the helpless mark. This was just so ... me. So, typical. I thought it wouldn't have taken too long to get home if I ran, so I hadn't blown a complete fuse.

      I leaned against a nearby wall to try and catch my breath. I was sweating slightly and my hair was all over the place - not a good look. And I still wasn't home yet. My foul mood must have shown through the grim down-turn of my lips, as I could hear footsteps heading towards me ... and I knew who they belonged to instantly.

     "Well, hello? Who's this?" I tried to hide my face from the boy a few steps away from me, tailed by his friends. This cannot be happening. Not here and not now.

    "Hey, look lads! It's Faye! Shouldn't you be home, honey?" The group of boys laughed hysterically, like a pack of hyenas, waiting for their leader to crack another joke at my expense. I rolled my eyes at them, and stood up abruptly to leave.

   "Oh, leaving so soon? But me and the guys really wanted to chat with you ..." Elliott Smith. Sixteen years old, one of the most popular boys (and roughest at that) at Saint James's. Any girl in my year would kill to get a chance to talk to him. Nobody usually has the words to describe what he's really like, as they are too busy daydreaming about him, a bedroom and spending it with him to care. But, I am not one of those poor, deluded people. I can describe him easily, using just two words. Complete asshole.

    "Well, I am sorry Ell. I am rather busy right now. You should have let me book you into my schedule earlier." I replied, sarcasm positvely dripping from my voice. Mia Harries can get away with having a go at me, no matter how much I really want to slap her mask of neon orange foundation right off her face. But Elliott? A self centred neanderthal? A guy? I don't think so! I made to walk past the boys but one of his bulky friends blocked my way.

    "Sorry Faye, but you ain't goin' anywhere 'till I talk to you."

     That would have probably sounded alot more intimidating if his grammar wasn't so atrocious. I was originally planning to walk off, despite the large lump in front of me but as I lifted my eyes briefly to his, Elliott's menacing glower stuck me to the spot, like glue.

     "You see sweetie, one of my mates, Mia ... she tells me that you've been givin' her hassle. Chattin' back, givin' her a bit of cheek. You haven't been bullyin' her I hope?" The quickly developed fear that I had experienced just moments before was engulfed by disbelief.

     "Me? Bully her? Sorry, but there are several things hugely wrong with that."

     "Are you callin' her a liar? Because that won't go down to well with her. She's been moody all day. Won't even talk to me. And guess who I blame?" He glared at me again. I gave him the 'one more word and I murder your balls' look.

     "Don't look at me Ell. It's all down to you actually. Didn't Mia tell you she's allergic to bull-shite?" My sudden outburts shocked myself, let alone his mates. Elliott snarled and surged towards me. I didn't move. I couldn't move. All I could do was stand there as his fists bunched up the front of my sweatshirt, holding me up.

     "Care to say that again, Sunshine!" He was almost screaming at me. Talk about hitting a raw nerve. I know I was meant to be crying by now, pleading for him to let me go but all I could think was 'Just you try it! See where it gets you.'

       He yelled at me again when I didn't respond. I was quite suprised that nobody had rounded the corner, demanding what all the racket was about. A nosy neighbour would be handy, God. If you love me you'll do something! I prayed. My efforts were not enough it would seem, as I was still there, held up by Elliott, all of his gang staring.

      "Just for that, I'm gonna have to keep ya here longer. I was just gonna talk to ya; then let you on your way. Teaching a girl a lesson ain't really my thing. But you had to get all lippy, didn't you? Didn't you!" He shook me, trying to intimidate me

      It didn't work - I wasn't paying attention for once. My gaze wasn't set on his. It was locked on one single place; A gap, only small, in an Allyway, exactly opposite us. I had been mildy aware of something moving around ... a cat probably. Still, I couldn't help experience that horrible feeling you get when you know it's just you there, but your mind starts playing tricks on you. Telling you you're not the only one there. I get that alot at home when my parents have gone out for the night leaving me to do as I please. The worst was last Sunday I think. I'd had the feeling all night, even when I fully well knew that I had keyed the door, front and back, and sorted out the windows. I suppose I had been watching 'Dawn of the Dead' on the TV. That hadn't helped. 

     "Watcha lookin' at? Eh!" My eyes darted away from the allyway to refocus on Ell, who was still gripping onto my uniform. "You know what? I've had just about enough of you. Mia was right! You need a good sortin' out!"

     I knew what was coming next. Only young yet I was about to be beaten. I closed my eyes and tried to protect my face with my hands for what I was going to surely get.

       "Aww ... scared now are you? Guess it's a bit late for that you stupid Bi-" Elliott never got to finish his sentence. A noise had interrupted his insult. A low, deep growling to be exact. Everyone stared at the same spot; the Allyway. I hadn't had enough time before to have a proper, studied look. But as realisation kicked in, i really wished I'd just kept my eyes closed. A pair of red pupils glowing from within the dark. Another rusty growl erupted. My last words before my life went completly out of control?

 "Holy Crap!"




Well guys thats 'Instinct'. I hope you liked it =) cause i did lol. I'll probably do profiles on characters as soon as we get into the story. Message or rate please? Love you all who read =o <3

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The End

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