Chapter 3: DecisionsMature

Gumshoe had never felt this way before. Will kissing him had caught him off guard completely, and for a moment he had thought of pushing him away. He wasn't gay, he was straight! At least, that's what he'd thought up until he began returning Will's kiss with just as much force as he had been kissed with.

After a moment or two of this, the two pulled away from each other. They sat there in silence, just looking at each other, big smiles plastered on both their faces. Gumshoe had thought he'd known what a crush was before with Maggey Byrde, but this feeling he was experiencing was a thousand times stronger.

“I've never done that before,” Gumshoe admitted, scratching his head, one arm still around Will's shoulders.

“Neither have I,” Will replied. “I've also never felt this way with anyone else before. You're the only guy I've ever kissed.”

“This is a bit confusing,” Gumshoe said, sighing.

“Oh, I see...” Will said, sounding slightly hurt.

“Oh, no, that's not what I meant! It's just... I thought I liked this other girl... but for some reason, with you, I just...”

Will seemed to understand then as he nodded his head.

“Oh, I know what you mean, Dick. I always thought I was straight. But with you, I feel... I don't know what I feel, but I like it. I want to feel like this all the time.”

Both fell silent then, just looking at each other, each in their own thoughts, both hesitating on what to do next. After a while of this awkwardness, Will cleared his throat, before smiling.


“Yeah, pal?”

“Why do you like me this much?” Will asked. “I mean, I'm not good-looking or anything, so I don't understand...”

“Hey, pal!” Gumshoe exclaimed. “Don't say that! You're... you're very handsome! At least I think that! And even if you weren't you're nice and thoughtful and-”

Will placed a finger on Gumshoe's lips, silencing him.

“You really think that, don't you?” Will replied, after thinking of what the detective had just told him. “...I've never had anyone think I was handsome before...”

Will looked like he was about to say something else, but no words formed, despite the man's mouth moving. He eventually just leaned forward and began to remove Gumshoe's tie. Feeling slightly panicked, Gumshoe pulled away, which only tightened the tie around his neck. He was forced to stop, since he didn't want to choke.

“It just feels like you're at work, still,” Will explained, when he realized what Gumshoe was doing. “I just want you to relax and let me try something... if that's alright...”

Gumshoe nodded as if to say it was fine, and Will finally brought the detective's tie up and over his head, leaving only the man's shirt as he placed the tie where he had put the jacket.

“There...” Will said, smiling. “Isn't that better?”

“Yeah...” Gumshoe said, smiling. He had to admit he did feel more comfortable, but he wasn't sure if that was because of his tie or because of the smile Will had on his face. He didn't pull away this time when Will hesitantly began to unbutton his shirt. When the first few buttons had been taken off, Gumshoe just pushed Will's hands away, and pulled it over his head, leaving only his bare torso. Will had already removed his jacket before cooking dinner, so all he had to remove was his tank-top before his hairy chest was exposed. Gumshoe couldn't help but stare at Will's well-defined muscles.

“Wow, Will...” Gumshoe said, “You look great... I-I...”
Gumshoe was cut-off when Will wrapped both arms around Gumshoe's chest, drawing him closer as he leaned forward over him. Forcing Gumshoe to lay back, Will adjusted his position so that he was on top of Gumshoe, their chests rubbing against each other. The contact between them was beginning to make Gumshoe feel like his body was on fire.

“...Kiss me again, pal...” Gumshoe said, and Will was only too happy to oblige. Tasting him, taking in his scent... Gumshoe couldn't deny it after all.

He had decided he was gay, and that Will was the only one he wanted to be with.

“Um...” Gumshoe said, once he'd organized his thoughts more, “Will, I like you, and all, but I don't want to... I mean, it's just going so fast and...”
Will just smiled and pecked Gumshoe on the lips one more time.

“I know what you mean. I feel the same way. We can just take this slowly, one step at a time, if you want.”

“Thanks, pal... but, what does that make us, then?”

“What do you want us to be, Dick?” Will asked.

Gumshoe thought about it for a moment, before wrapping his own arms around Will, holding him as close to himself as possible. Nuzzling his chin against Will's, he chuckled before giving Will a small kiss on the cheek.

“I think I want to be like this every night, Will. I never thought I'd end up like this, but I don't really care now. Be mine, pal?"

Will sniffed, tears coming to his eyes. Gumshoe could tell that Will was a sensitive man, like himself.

“Yes,” he whispered, a tear sliding down his face as he kissed Gumshoe with a newfound passion.

At that very moment Gumshoe felt like he was the luckiest man in the world.

The End

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