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This is a series of chapters featuring a pairing of Dick Gumshoe and Will Powers from the video game series, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. And it's yaoi, so if you don't like that kind of thing, go no further than this description. You were warned.This is my first time writing something like this, btw.

Chapter 1Grocery Shopping

Clutching his growling stomach, Dick Gumshoe stared longingly at the row of instant noodles on the store shelf.  Between his salary cuts, and the store's price increases, he didn't know if he was going to be able to buy enough food for the month.

"Just my luck, pal," he muttered to himself, a forlorn look on his face.  "I guess I'll just have to buy as much as I can."
After he had placed all he could afford into his grocery cart, Gumshoe began walking down the aisle, looking at all the other food he wished he could afford.

 As he exited the aisle, turning towards the cashiers and their checking lanes, he didn't notice another person's cart heading for his own until it was too late.


Gumshoe was startled out of his thoughts, and upon seeing the instant noodles all over the store floor, he angrily turned to face the person who had run into him.

"WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA, PAL?!" he began yelling, until he noticed how... intimidating the other person looked.  The impression didn't last long, though.
"I'm sorry!  Oh I'm so sorry!" shouted the other man.  Was he about to cry?  "It's my fault! Here, let me help you pick it all up!"

Gumshoe was still a little angry, but after seeing the look on the guy's face, he decided to let him help.
"Alright, pal.  It wasn't entirely your fault, I mean, I wasn't really looking where I was going either..."

After all the instant noodles had returned to Gumshoe's cart, the other man breathed a sigh of relief.
"I'm sorry, I really should have been watching where I was going," he said, remorse painted on his face.  He didn't look very intimidating at all when he looked like that.  It was only then that Gumshoe's brain fired up the necessary connections for him to recognize who he was talking to.

"Hey... wait... you look awfully familiar, pal..." he said, still trying to place this man's face with a name.
"Well, that's because you arrested me two years ago, Detective.  The name's Will.  Will Powers."
"Oh yeah, pal! I remember you now! Sorry about arresting you when you were innocent, pal," Gumshoe chuckled.
"Um... instant noodles?" Will asked, glancing at Gumshoe's cart.  "Are these... for dinner, or something?  There's a lot of them..."
Gumshoe scratched the back of his head, his face almost puppy-like in his sorrow.  "Yeah, pal.  I can't afford anything else."

"I see..." Will said, crossing his arms. He seemed to be thinking something over.

"Um... pal?"

"Sorry, I was just thinking... I owe you a bit for being so careless, so I guess I could...  do you want to come over for dinner, Detective? It's the least I could do."

"Um, well, you don't have to do that, pal... I mean it's not really that big a deal..."
"Detective, if you don't let me treat you I'll feel awful all night for ramming your cart, and I won't get to sleep.  Besides, I don't mind, really.  You're also an officer of the law, and if we don't take care of our police, then we're no better than the criminals you guys face on a daily basis.  Did I mention I'm cooking steak tonight?"

Gumshoe's stomach growled loudly at that, and he reluctantly nodded.  Besides, he really couldn't have said no to that face if he'd tried.  Despite how intimidating it could be, Gumshoe thought that Will really did have a kind face after all.  And those eyes... they were the kindest eyes Gumshoe had ever seen.  Not even little Pearl Fey had eyes like those. 

'Wait, what am I thinking?' Gumshoe thought to himself, as he followed Will to checkout.  'I mean, sure he's a nice guy, but that's it pal!'  Placing his instant noodles on the counter (which didn't take up a whole lot of space), he waited until the cashier had scanned it all and bagged it before digging his wallet out.  Before he could start counting up his cash, however, a hand pushed Gumshoe's wallet down, but in the process it had accidentally covered his hand.  Normally this wouldn't be significant, but this time...

"No, Detective, allow me.  You're my guest tonight, after all.  It's the least I can do."
Despite Gumshoe's protests, Will had the cashier scan his groceries together with Gumshoe before pulling out a credit card.  With a single swipe, Will had paid for his and Gumshoe's groceries.  Gumshoe was speechless.  Mixed with his other current feelings, confusing as they were, Gumshoe really couldn't have formed a word if he tried.

"Let's get everything out to my car, Detective.  I can drive you to your place so you can drop your groceries off, if you want..."
"N-no, that's fine, pal.  They're just instant noodles.  They won't spoil or anything... but you've got things like milk and eggs, so..."
Will nodded, understanding.  "I see.  Well, if you really don't mind coming to my place earlier than expected, then I'd be glad to have you."
"Sure, pal!" Gumshoe practically shouted, a large smile plastered on his face.  "I'd like that!"

Gumshoe couldn't stop looking over at Will as they pushed their carts out to the parking lot.  Gumshoe was feeling very confused, more than usual for him.  What were these feelings?  They were unusual for him to feel them at all, much less about another man.  On the one hand, he was grateful for Will's generosity, but on the other hand he wasn't sure what to make of it all.

Sighing, Gumshoe just gave up trying to figure it all out, hoping it would all just get resolved on it's own.

The End

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