Inspired by Freaky Fred

Hello my friends, my name is dan,
and I do extend a friendly hand,
and if you take I won't demand,
but I must say I'm very ...naughty.

I feel as though I must make warn,
of the different things that may be born,
none of which will cause you harm,
but still I am quite ...naughty.

You musn't fear, the things i say,
for even if we start today,
nothing can stand in our way,
if we choose to be quite ...naughty.

There is so very much to do,
and those who can are very few,
do what it is that we can choose,
and be so very ...naughty.

I feel as though, you understand,
the implications that are at hand,
and we both can make a wonderful band
to do things that are ...naughty.

Things can burn, and things can die,
such actions of which I can't deny,
but keep in mind of what we try,
and that is to be quite ...naughty.

Why yes, you see, I do not lie,
my rhyming words satisfy,
let into this little world of mine,
I hope you feel quite ...naughty

Please be prepared, 'morrows the day,
I plan to act in such a way,
in which we both can laugh and play,
and feel ourselves quite ...naughty.

My invitation is at an end,
do keep in mind, my little friend,
that it's on you I do depend,
to do things that are ...naughty.

The End

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