I want to make a positive impact on the world. I want for people to be able to say I made a difference in their lives when I leave this world behind. I want for God to look down and smile, knowing that I have His will in my heart and am trying to set a good example for others. I want to be a good person. I want to change lives. I want to share my passions. I need to express myself and how I feel about things. I may not be right on everything, but I won’t hesitate to voice my opinion and try to learn. I will try my best to keep an open mind always. I will pursue my goals with an unending determination and encourage others to do the same. I will be aware of my feelings and always try to keep in touch with them and express them when needed, but not to the point where I drive myself (and others) absolutely insane. I will surround myself with love and I will surround others with love. I will explore new things and search for new experience that will expand my perceptual set. I want to gather knowledge. I want to actually use my brain cells and go out to see things and meet new people. I want to gain experience. Isn’t that what you do every day of your life? While you’re sitting at home watching some worthless show or movie, couldn’t you be learning something new or visiting a new place? Boredom is a choice. We don’t realize how much there is to do and learn when we say we’re bored. The world is full of newness. You just have to reach out and grab it.

The End

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