... Its late. Later than ever. Don't ask for the time, because I don't know it.

I remember...

You held me in your arms as I wept and wept, scared out of my mind.

"Shhhh..." You murmured, kissing my forehead. "Shhh. Its going to be OK, I promise.." I just sobbed louder, burying my face in your chest. You murmured some more, but eventually you gave up, and just held me until the sobs died down.

"Are you OK now?" You whispered, holding me at arms length. I nodded. "Want to tell me what's up?" I nodded again.

"Its my.. my mum. She's got breast cancer." I wiped away some more tears with a clenched fist. "Drew.. I'm s-s-so scared." I burst into a fresh bout of tears. "I c-c-can't live without her.. She's my mum... I don't want her to die.. Not now, not ever..."

"I know you're scared, Mads, but its going to be OK, yeah? Look on the bright side. Is she having a masectomy?" I nodded slowly. "And then radio and chemo-therapy?" Nod. "Then don't be so scared. My granny had breast cancer when I was a kid. I was so overwhelmed by it, until a nice doctor explained everything to me. My granny ended up surviving. Your mum is gonna be fine, OK?"

I nodded, and we kissed.

You always made me feel better. Why can't you make me feel better now?

The End

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