A night to remember..

3 AM. I tried and failed to sleep. Lying in my bed, trying to push all thoughts of you out of my mind failed. It just dragged up more memories I had with you.

That same night was the night my life would change for ever.

We lost track of time as the day went by, and before we knew it, it was half nine at night. I got up reluctantly.

"I guess I should be going.." I sighed. You stood too, and I fell into your arms, my head resting against your chest. Then, slowly, I drew away and began the slow trudge toward the door.

"Wait. You don't have to go.." You called. My head snapped around. "Well, I mean, um, you could.. stay the night?" You tailed off, making it into a question. I pondered for a moment, then catapulted into your arms.

"Yes, yes, YES!" I yelled, kissing you as hard as I could. Grinning, you carried me back to the sofa, where we flopped, turning on the t.v. An old re-run of friends was on, and I sat in your arms, absorbed. When the break came, I noticed you staring intently at me. "What...?" I asked quietly, turning to face you.

Slowly, you let your hand slide up my leg. It lingered at the leg of my shorts, but continued on, brushing my crotch, and travelling slowly up my stomach, slithering under my t-shirt. It stopped under my breast. You looked at me with questioning eyes, and I let my head incline ever so slightly. The warmth of your hand moved up, and cupped my breast.

I let out a sigh of longing, and moved a little closer to you. My hand slipped up your leg and curled around your thigh. For a moment, we simply stared at each other. Then, in a flash, we were locked in an embrace, kissing harder and faster than ever before. Before I knew it, my top was on the floor and your hand was sliding down to my shorts, fumbling with the button. I did the same with your jeans, undoing the button and the zip and pulling them down. You removed my shorts, and then scooped me into your arms.

In the background, canned laughter played as someone said a joke on friends.

Then we were in your bedroom, and you were fumbling with my bra strap, but you soon had it undone.

Then, I closed my eyes, and gave in to the bliss as our bodies intertwined.

As you drew away, you whispered in my ear:

"I love you, Maddie. I really do."

"I... I love you too..." I murmured back. What came next shocked me into silence.

"I want to be with you.. forever... Marry me?"

The End

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