Getting to know you.

Nearly 2:30. Jeez. I really should be tired by now. But somehow I'm not.

The next weekend we agreed to meet again, this time at your place. All week I could not stop thinking of you, but I couldn't see you, you were busy working. You told me you missed me all week too. Every night you would call me, and I would lie on my bed, listening to the sound of your voice. Sometimes you sang, and played your guitar. Your voice was even more beautiful when you sang. I loved that you were musical. It took you one step giant leap towards being my perfect man.

When saturday came around, I could wait no longer and left for your place at only 8 AM. I got a little lost on the way, but I was still there at 8:30. I rang the doorbell of your flat, and waited anxiously. It took about ten minutes, and several increasingly anxious rings of the doorbell before you appeared in the doorway, your hair sticking up in all directions, wearing nothing but your boxers.

I eyed up your toned body with a smile.

"WAAAH!" You yelled, trying to cover yourself up, at the same time as flattening down your hair. "You're early!" You exclaimed. I just grinned.

"Nice to see you too." I smiled, stepping inside. I wrapped my arms about your warm, sleepy form and kissed you gently. You kissed back, then took my hand, draggging me through your house. I saw a clean kitchen, living room and a sparkling bathroom before you dragged me into your bedroom, pulling me back into bed with you. I giggled, and stood up, taking off my shoes and shorts, climbing back into bed in just my cami and underwear.

We snuggled up for an hour or so, you drifting off to sleep, me just lying there, watching you, stroking the soft skin of your toned abs. Finally, at ten o clock, you rolled out of bed and mumbled: "Stay there." I heard you wander to the bathroom and turn on the shower. I lay back, smiling. Fifteen minutes later you emerged, wrapped in a towel, your hair wet. I breathed a sigh of longing.

Your back to me, you pulled on some fresh boxers. I caught a flash of butt, but nothing else. Then you pulled on some jeans. You went for a top, but before you could, I stopped you.

"No. I like you better without." You grinned, and kissed me, eying my exposed lower half. I looked down, blushing, and rushed to get my shorts pulling them on hurredly.

"Aw, but I liked you better that way!" You teased. I hit at you playfully. "Pancakes?"

"Oooh, yes please!" I said. You led the way to the kitchen and cooked a gorgeous batch of pancakes. Good cook, check. I grinned to myself as I watched you do the washing up. Cleanly, check.

You were oh so perfect. Too good to be true, almost.

The End

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