The Next Day.

Its nearly  2 AM and still I have yet to sleep a wink.

The next day I woke at seven, buzzing with excitement. You had texted me after you left, arranging to come to mine at ten. I dressed quickly and left the flat for a run, trying to burn of some of the hyperactive energy that was pulsing through my veins. I felt as though I couldn't possibly sit still.

When I got back from my run it was nearly eight. I ran myself a bath and lay in it, taking almost half an hour to wash my hair. Though I loved having my hair so long, it was a nightmare to wash, and I used up shampoo and conditioner twice as fast as someone with shorter hair. Afterwards I wrapped my hair up in a towel and did my make-up. I got dressed into just a simple, pretty, flowing strappy dress-top and a pair of denim shorts, twisting my hair into a plait. I ate a bowl of cheerios, and before I knew it, the doorbell was ringing. Leaping up, I dumped my bowl in the sink and jogged to the door.

There you were. Looking resplendant as ever in simple mid-calf cargo shorts in navy blue and a grey polo shirt. You looked me up and down, a small smile marking your face. Your hair was falling slightly in your eyes. Absentmindedly, I reached across and pushed it back off of your face. Your smile widened into a grin, and you grabbed the wrist of the hand I had used to push your hair back and used it to pull me into you.

You cupped my cheek with your other hand and kissed me, a long, lingering kiss.

"Well hello.." You whispered as you pulled away. "Looking beautiful as always, Maddie," I went scarlet.

"Speak for yourself.." I murmured. You just smiled and stepped inside, closing the door behind you.

Once inside, you looked around, a half smile playing about your lips. I walked over to the sink and turned the water on, embarrassed to be doing the washing up infront of you. You watched for a few moments, and then, as I was drying up the bowl, came and slid your arms about my waist, kissing my neck.

"Is the tidy-monster gone yet?" You said softly. I laughed.

"Almost." I giggled, drying my spoon and setting it on the drying rack. Then I turned my head, and you turned yours, and our lips met in the middle. I broke off after only a moment. "Come on, lets sit down. Somewhere a bit more.. comfortable.."

You winked at me, and then before I could stop you, you had scooped me into your arms, one arm under my knees, the other cupping my back. You carried me through the flat until you found the bedroom, and then gently laid me down on the bed. You clambered on top of me, and we kissed for what seemed like an eternity. Then you rolled over, and I laid my head on your chest, my arms curled around you, and yours around me.

"I could lie here forever..." I said. And so we did. Well, all day, almost. With only small breaks for lunch and dinner. Occasionally we kissed, but most of the time was spent just lying in eachothers arms and talking in hushed voices, getting to know each other.

It was easily the best day of my life so far.

The End

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