First Sighting.

Its 1 AM now. No sign of sleep yet.

I remember the day when we first met......

I was in a hurry to meet my friend, late as always, and banged into someone, causing them to fall over backwards, and myself to fall on top of them.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on top of the most gorgeous person ever. Tall, muscular and a little tan... And his face... To die for. You. I was crushingly shy, apologizing over and over, but you just laughed it off. You helped me up, and frowned when you saw the massive ladder in my tights. You offered to buy me a new pair, and when I said no, saying I couldn't take something like that from someone I didn't even know, you insisted.

You bought me not one pair of new tights, but three, and escorted me to a ladies room where I could change. When I came out, you said:

"There, good as new. Just as pretty as you were before our little accident. I blushed, and then looked at the time. I was fifteen minutes late for meeting my friend, but you wouldn't let me leave until we had exchanged names and phone numbers.

"My name's Drew." You had said. "What's yours?"

"Madeleine." I had replied shyly. 

"Ok, Maddie. Mind if I get your mobile number?" I went crimson, but managed to let you put your number into my phone, and put my number into yours. No-one really called me Maddie... I knew you were different. Right from the start.

Then I had rushed off, leaving you standing there. Later, you told me you had stared after me until you could see me no more, and when you couldn't, you had thought about texting me, but had thought you would seem desperate. So you waited.

That's what I loved about you. You knew how to time things right. How to give me a nice surprise, shock me, make me laugh or smile... You knew me. You knew me almost too well.


The End

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