It's 12:30 AM. I am yet to have slept a wink tonight. But I cannot sleep for thinking of you. Thinking of our history together. Thinking of all the memories we have shared...

Thinking of your face. Your soft lips. Your big, round, eyes that reminded me of rock-pools, a beautiful sea-green.. Your nose, straight and proud, your strong, slightly square jaw, with its jutting chin. Your icy blonde hair, so blonde it was almost white, that hung down in a side fringe, the rest of it sticking out in tousled waves.

The way you made me feel... Happy. Love. Lust. Desire. Excitement. Longing. Nervousness. You made me feel like I mattered. Like I was a somebody. The star of the show, not just an extra to melt back into the background after fifteen seconds of fame. You made me feel special. You laughed at my jokes. You held me when I was scared, and when I wept. You encouraged me when I was shy, or self-conscious. But most of all, you made me feel like I was the most beautiful girl on the face of the earth. You treated me like I was, and the way you looked at me.. It was like you'd won the lottery every time you saw me. You made me feel wanted.

And now... Knowing I will never see you again.. It only makes this harder.

The End

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