my world is asleep 

but here i sit, waiting 

someone once lied to me 

said it was mine for the taking

my eyelids don't flutter 

i'm bright eyed and so raw i'm tender 

yet my mind gets so hazy 

its hard to remember 



in the dead of the night, sometimes i'd swear 

you were beside me. i'd feel your arms wrap 

around my waist. i feel your breath but its 

too dark to see. i revel in the fact that you visit

me in my dreams. 


lack of sleep, i guess, is the cause

i know i'm making you up, imagining things

but my heart still races and my ears still ring


i feel you trace a finger down my leg 

frustration and loneliness make my cheeks wet

i shake my head, find i'm alone in the room 

and yet...


i'd have sworn you were there.

bet my life on it. 

but i sit back up and turn on the light. 

my dear, 

you are the reason i'm afraid of 

the night.



The End

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