When I can't sleep.

When I can't sleep I end up snuggling with my dog for an hour or so. He is a black lab collie mix. He is a sweet little guy. Some would say he isn't little, 100 pounds is a bit I suppose. His name is People and I love him very much. That being said, there is only so long I can lay there while impatiently awaiting a sleep that may never come. I get restless after a time and make my way down stairs to let him run around outside then I come back in and get on my computer. I check facebook, I catch up on my emails and then I log into League of Legends. Some nights I can manage to play a game or two before I feel like exhaustion will rip me from my waking thoughts. Those are good nights. This night, I am still up and playing at 8 a.m. and I cant lie, it sucks. Granted that it is fun to play League but I would trade a couple games for some sleep. The other double edged dagger that goes along with my league playing is that I chew while I do it. Yes I am aware that chewing is gross and bad for me. I love it. It is just one of those man things, like drinking whisky and smoking cigars whilst watching a bout of fisticuffs on the tele, real man stuff. Anyhow, by now my lip is sore and I am getting a bit of a headache from the nicotine. Such is life when you can't sleep...

The End

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