You can't sleep.

You're fifteen years old, it's four a.m., and you can't fall asleep to save your own life. Maybe it's your "raging hormones", as your mother likes to say, or maybe you just need to be medicated. Either way, you really want some rest.

You feel dead tired, but every time you close your eyes, you just want to stand up and do something. After a while of restraining yourself, not getting up, your brain starts thinking of very persuasive ways to make you get up.

Come on, Brian, you're thirsty. Don't you need a glass of water?
Washroom, washroom! you really have to go!
This is so booorriiing, just sitting here, with nothing to do.
       or even,
What was that noise? Why don't you get up and investigate, Brian?

You roll over. "Ugh, it was only the windchimes. Shut up."
It takes you a moment to realize that you are talking to yourself. You really DO need to keep taking your medication, you know. Did you take one today? Maybe you should take one now.

The windchimes keep tinkling, and you are trying to sleep. Maybe you should go and take them down, so you can sleep...

The End

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