Second Chance

   I backed up to the middle of the roof so nobody could see me. I could feel my molecules rearranging themselves. It was a nice feeling.

   I was now a mourning dove; as I took off into the air, the pounding in my head dulled a little bit. The rain had let up; now, it was barely a light mist. The gray clouds were mostly gone, too.

   I swooped down, landing on an awning not far from the four of them.

   "Where is the girl? You said she stuck to bigger cities. So where is she?" A man barked. The boy didn't flinch as I might have.

      The boy had auburn hair, and what appeared to be brown eyes. He was tall and slender, but defined and muscled. It was evident that he was strong. Probably a lot stronger than me. He was wearing a simple baby blue T-shirt with a black, fur-hooded sweatshirt. He had dark blue jeans, and white high tops with black and blue laces. He had black sunglasses resting on the top of his brown head.

   "Well, this is a big city. It's going to take a while to find her. Just trust me. I know she's here." the boy told him.

   Who were they looking for? Who was this girl? For some reason, I could only see that the men were Silver Liners. Nothing else.

   Something's up. Someone either tampered with their image or my mind. I was very sure they hadn't tampered with my mind. So, somehow, they found out about my gift.

   But the only people who know about it are the B.S.C., Carson, and Kylie and Tammy. I know for a fact that Kylie hadn't told them, and I am unsure of how Tammy found out.

   I wondered if, maybe, they accidentally created someone like me. Maybe that someone had escaped and so they were shielding themselves from that person. Maybe that was who they were talking about. It seemed likely enough. But somewhere in me, I knew this was untrue. I do not mean "I know" because of my gift. I knew this because my gut was telling me so. There's a difference.

   "Birds are annoying," the boy said, glaring at my feathery body. The weird thing was, though, his lips never moved when he talked. It was so weird. Oh well... This was a subject for later, when I didn't have to follow lethal people and need all my concentration on not blowing my cover.

   Actually, if there weren't any Silver Liners, I probably would be asking who the boy was right now. Just because I'm so accustomed to knowing people, and not knowing drives me nearly insane.

   I wondered if being followed by a mourning dove was too conspicuous. Despite how they continually proved me wrong, Silver Liners weren't stupid; I doubted that the boy was either. i let them get several yards ahead of me before I shifted into a girl that looked about sixteen.

   I now had long auburn hair with bright pink and green streaks in the front. My bangs had a patch of blond; I knew I appeared to be some insolent little rebel child, but that was the point. I spotted a penny on the sidewalk and stooped to pick it up, turning it into a bright pink slidy phone. I guess I as just in a very pink mood.

   My jeans were skin tight and ripped from the thigh to the knees. my shirt was a bright lime green with pink, yellow, and blue swirls. I was wearing a hoodie because it was still too cold to not war one; of course, it was bright pink-- matching my hair and phone.

   I pretended to talk on the shiny pink phone in my hand. I wasn't surprised that absolutely nobody noticed me change; but I was sickened by how people are so oblivious to what's right in front of them. I mean, I just shifted from a dove to a human, and nobody knew it! Surprisingly, the Silver Liners hadn't even noticed. As far as I knew, the boy didn't know anything, either. I smiled to myself, ecstatic that my switch had gone unnoticed.

   "I see you," the boy said. I snapped my head up, looking right into the eyes of the boy. Instead of panicking like my mind wanted to, I smiled coolly at the boy. His eyes narrowed.

   "We have a mind reader following us," the boy said nonchalantly to the Silver Liners.

   "Where? What do they look like?" a big brawny one asked. His head was swiveling practically, looking for a stranger. His eyes passed over me swiftly, moving on to the rest of the surrounding crowd.

   "Blond curly hair, ivory colored designer-looking suit, grayish eyes," he described, still holding the nonchalant tone in his voice. He looked back at me, though, and stared for a moment longer. "We should take a left up here," the boy said, pointing to the right, too.

   "Why do we want the alley?" the brawny one asked. I assumed that this one was the one in charge.

   He had light brown curly hair to his chin, bright blue eyes, and a small forehead. His face was quite round, or maybe a little like a square. I couldn't really tell the difference. He had broad shoulders, and was definitely ripped in the muscle department. He wore an almost casual black suit and a black trench coat.  The other three Silver Liners were dressed similarly; actual facial and body features being the only difference. Two had sandy blond hair, the other jet black. Body builds were slightly different, all finely sculpted and muscled, but different heights.

   I guess if you were in a hurry and not really paying attention, the group of four blended in well. But if you were anything like me and watching them closely, but not obviously, they looked oddly out of place. Kind of like me a little bit. I definitely stood out like a sore thumb, almost. 

   But if they were expecting to be followed, then they would be looking for someone who didn't stand out. Because, when you're following someone, you usually don't want to be noticed, so you try to blend in. By sticking out, you're unexpected and quickly passed over.

   Unless, again, you were like me and could see everyone. And by see, I do, in fact, mean with my extra ability-- my seventh sense, if you will.

   "We want the alley because it's a shortcut. Do you understand me, now?" the boy asked with an edge.

   "Watch yourself kid. Just because we've been ordered not to specifically kill you, that doesn't mean that we can't beat you to a pulp," the brawny one said. This guy was definitely in charge of the group.

   "Whatever. Has the mind reader changed at all?" one of the blond ones asked.

   "Yes. Now she's wearing a dark blue sweater and black dress pants. She's got short dark brown hair," he answered, looking back towards me.

   But he had my description all wrong. I had long brown, pink, green, and blond hair, and I was wearing really bright colors. I looked at him, trying to see him, but it was no use. It was like Carson all over again. Carson...

   No. Carson is probably enjoying himself somewhere in Hawaii. And I will not allow myself to think about him right now. I will not...

   I started acting like I was texting on the full keyboard, every now and then looking up to make sure they were still in front of me. I looked up again right now, and my eyes locked with his.

   "I can't see her. Is she human? Is she a Shifter? Is she a threat? This is so frustrating!" In his mind, I saw an image of myself. I hadn't realized I looked like that much of a kid, but I guess in a sense, that was almost whole point of it. To be inconspicuous by standing out.

    Instead of causing a scene, like I might have if there weren't a bunch of big, brawny Silver Liners, I played it cool again and smiled easily at him. His lips twitched at the corners, but that was the only motion he made to return the smile.

   His eyes focused on something, or someone, behind me; he flashed a smile and turned around again. I stopped walking and let them get farther ahead of me.

   Looking around myself, I saw what the boy had been looking at behind me.

The End

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