I groaned quietly. A light rain misted my face, and I tried opening my eyes. Gray clouds covered most of the sky, sun included. A small patch of blue remained, far off in the east. I was still lying on the roof. It was about ten in the morning, now.

   As I began to come fully to, I could hear voices. They were very loud and speaking all at once. I understand that this is New York City, a very large place, but I'm not talking about normal voices. They were echoing and bouncing inside my mind.

   I tried sitting up, but a breath taking pain would not allow me to do so. Good God, my head hurt so much.

   What were all these voices? Why were they so loud?

   Maybe I shouldn't have provoked Markus. This pain was so intense. I knew I didn't have a concussion, so that was good.

   After maybe ten more minutes of laying on my back, I attempted to sit up once more. My head still hurt, but it was bearable now. The voices grew louder. Correction, one voice grew louder.

   This one voice stood out among the rest. It wasn't familiar, and I didn't know what it was talking about.

   "I'm not going to help them. I absolutely refuse. I would rather die than betray..." I tried to stop listening to it. I wasn't supposed to hear this; at least, I didn't think I was. I couldn't tell.

   I looked around myself to be sure I was absolutely alone on the roof. I stepped close to the edge, peering over the side. It was a twenty-seven story drop if I were too fall. Not pleasant thoughts. I steered clear of that topic, instead looking and observing the unsuspecting people below.

   Hundreds of people flooded the streets beneath me. The volume of the voices surged louder as I looked at them, but the one still stood out. I couldn't understand it.

   "'If you don't find her for us, it's your life on the line. We will kill you if you fail us.' Good. I'd rather die than find her," the voice said.

   Who was this? I searched harder for the owner of the voice, but I could not find him. Names upon names flooded my already aching head. I knew I was looking for a male no older than early twenties.

   Usually, with any sound or voice, my gift works just like everything else. I can always tell who it is, and what they mean. But for some reason, I couldn't "see" anything, at all. Nothing.

   Carson floated into my mind. I knew it wasn't him, though, because I could see him. Plus, he had wanted to go to Hawaii. So, chances were, he was probably on a beach enjoying the sun in his face.

   So who was this voice in my head? I looked on the opposite side of the building. More useless information about people I didn't care about.

   I tried the north side, and still, nothing. Wait. No. Nineteen blocks away, four men- no, not four men. Three men and a boy were heading east. The men were actually Silver Liners, and the boy... well, I couldn't see him; so, I assumed he was my voice.

   This was my chance.

The End

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