Everything was black, cold. My breathing quickened as my confusion grew. What was happening?

   "NO!" I screamed, sitting up right. I opened my eyes to see eight strangers peering at me. Where am I!?

   "Renna, are you okay? What happened?" an olive complexioned brunnette asked.

   "Who are you? Where am I?" I questioned frantically.

   "I'm Sylvia. Remember? You're with the B.S.C. This is Davey, Selena, Andrew, Jamie, Taylor, Tyler, and Jake," Sylvia explained.

   "Wasn't there one more of you? She had brown hair... her name started with an... an... S. Yeah, her name started with an S." I said, remembering a little more clearly what had happened yesterday.

   "Yeah. Seattle. She's not here right now, though," Selena said. Selena was a pretty blond with bright blue eyes, not much unlike myself. Her hair was longer, though, and curly. Mine was short and straight.

   My dream came back to me in a rush. I remembered a horrible smell, and an ugly face.

   "Where is she? Where's Seattle?" I said fiercely.

   The eight of them looked at me, all eyes clouded with confusion. "She's in New York. Why? What's wrong?" Davey asked.

   I stood up and walked through the double doors of the room.

   "Come on," I said. There wasn't a need for it though, they were already following me.

   "Laurenna, what is going on?" Sylvia shouted. I turned around, looking each of them in the eye.

   "My nightmare wasn't a nightmare," was all I said.

The End

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