It was maybe midnight now. I peered around a corner. There wasn't anyone there. I double checked behind me, and still, I was alone. I shifted into a pretty blond that was maybe in her mid twenties.

   I walked around the corner as if I owned the place, even though I was still totally alone. But this was very dangerous, and if I was seen, I didn't need my cover blown.

   Every so often I had changed from disguise to disguise. You could never be too safe when your dealing with Silver Liners. They're cunning, and smarter than they look- sometimes. If it wasn't for the fact that I know who absolutely everyone is, and what they do, I wouldn't even be here right now.

   Few cars passed. Some young men on their way home honked at me and slowed down, asking if I wanted to have some fun. Disgusting.

   I shifted again into a brunette this time. I turned another corner in this maze of a city, surprised to see some people on the street. They weren't Silver Liners, but they definitely weren't harmless humans. They were in the middle of dealing drugs, and I was half tempted to turn around, though I don't know why. I didn't have anything to fear of them.

   I turned around anyways; my gut was telling me that's what I needed to do. And I always listened to my gut, no matter how hard it was for me. That's what Gut had said when Carson and I parted. My heart still ached for him, but, now that I was with the B.S.C., it didn't hurt as much. I walked straight for two blocks and took a left. Sky scrapers and large company buildings lined the streets, and I could hear the bass of a club's music.

   "Hello," a deep voice said behind me. I spun around on my heal, ready to punch someone's face in. Just my luck.

   It was a Silver Liner. Luckily, he didn't know that I was a Shifter. If you could call it luck.

   He stepped forward and I thrust my fist into his face. He caught it though, inches away from his nose.

   "You're a feisty one, aren't you?" He grinned a horrible smile.

   I tried hitting him with my other free hand, but that didn't work either. I tried the next best thing: knee to the groin.

   Quickly, though, he now held both of my wrists in one hand, and had grabbed my leg, stopping any chance of moving. I butt my head in his face, and he stumbled back, letting go of me. He recovered quickly though; much to quickly. Before I knew it, he had me pinned to a cold brick wall.

   "Watch yourself," he laughed. My feet were lifted off the ground, and he had a good grip around my neck. I couldn't breathe. To be totally honest with myself, I was terrified. A car passed on the barely busy road, slowing down.

   The Silver Liner whose name was Markus was momentarily distracted, and I seized my chance, kicking him as hard as I could. He released me and I took off running down the street. Markus was angry now, and I knew he was chasing me.

   Left, and a right, another left- I was still running down the streets of New York City. I couldn't go back to Head Quarters; that would compromise our mission.

   I led Markus on in a zig zag pattern of twists and turns. Finally, I shifted into a black bird and took off in the air. Markus, too, was now a black bird, and he continued chasing me in the night sky. I dodged between building after building, trying my hardest to lose him. I sped down alley ways, but he was still on my tail feathers.

   I swerved to the left and flew higher, barely missing the corner of a building. I was glad that my wrist had healed a couple of months ago.

   I shifted back into my regular self, dropping onto the roof of an apartment. Here, the rooftops were close together and easy to reach.

   I almost felt like a little kid again, playing tag with my little brother Joey. Only, this situation was much more dangerous than trying not to fall into a shallow river.

   Oh, if only I wasn't such a klutz. I tripped on a thick black cable, probably messing up someone's television momentarily. Markus tackled me, gripping a handful of my hair tightly.

   "I know you," he laughed. His gray eyes bore into me, but I refused to show my fear.

   "I'm not surprised. I'm a legend," I joked meanly. "You know, tackling people isn't the way to make friends."

   "I won't need friends. Once I bring you in, I'll have anything and everything I want at my fingertips. I'll be the end of the legend," He spat. His breath was horrid-- rancid, even.

   "I'm not going anywhere. But, if I may, I would suggest buying a toothbrush. You're breath smells like poop," I said smugly.

   His eyes narrowed, and I could tell I had made him angry. He breathed in my face before he slammed it into the cold cement. Suddenly, everything was very fuzzy and distant.

The End

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