Blue Sky Conspiracy

   Apparently, I ended up falling asleep. I was so exhausted. I'm not sure for how long, but the girl woke me up and I found that we were in a parking lot somewhere. It was very dark out, now, and clouds covered the moon. The ground was still wet and slick from yesterday's rain.

   "Where are we?" I yawned.

   "You don't need to know that right now. Come on," was the only answer I got.

   I got out and started following her. She was only several yards away when I stopped. My body went numb for about five seconds, and I received my first vision in two weeks. I was relieved for this; I was beginning to worry that I had lost the gift.

   "Hey, be careful. You're going to twist your ankle. Walk a little more to the left," I told her.

   She turned back to me and flashed a quick smile. "Hurry up," she called.

   I scrambled to catch up, almost tripping on a pothole. Maybe the vision had been for me. I doubted that, though.

   "It's about time. Did you have any trouble?" a female voice asked from the darkness. It startled me, causing me to jump and yelp.

   "Jeesh. Relax. It's only Sylvia," the girl.

   "So, Seattle, what took you so long?" Sylvia asked again.

   "When I was getting the girl, a group of eight Silver Liners attacked. I took care of them, though," Seattle answered. The way she said, "the girl", it was obvious that she was talking about me. I couldn't stand when people talked about me as if I wasn't standing right there.

   I was getting ready to say something when my stomach growled loudly. I grew hot and my cheeks flushed, as I was embarrassed. I hated when my stomach was unusually loud like this.

   "Come here. I'll get you some food. Seattle, you know what to do, right? Just go snoop around. Don't draw attention to yourself, and don't get into trouble," Sylvia said strictly.

   "I don't get into trouble. Things just never go right," she retorted.

   "Sure. Now go."

   Seattle left, and I was alone with Sylvia now.

   "So, do you prefer to be called Laurenna, Lauren, Renna, or Ren?" She asked me, lessening the thick silence.

   "Call me whatever. Just, please, don't kill me," I said, not sure if that was the right thing to say or what.

   Sylvia laughed, though, and patted me on the back. "Relax. You're safe now."

   The way she said that and added "now" at the end had me ill at ease. "What do you mean by 'now?'" I asked.

   "I mean that if you'd stayed where you were, you would more than likely be dead now. Does that clear things up?"

   "I guess so." Sylvia laughed again, though I don't know how she could.

   "It's okay, Renna. None of us will hurt you," she said as we approached an old warehouse of sorts. I would call it abandoned, but if this is where we were going, I couldn't totally say that.

   As we got closer, I could see that the building was a tan color of sorts, and shabby windows that were boarded up. I couldn't see it, but it was anyone's guess that the roof was sinking in a little.

   "What is this place?" I asked.

   "Temporary Head Quarters. I'm apart of a secret organization and our goal is to stop the Silver Liners. We're called the Blue Sky Conspiracy, or B.S.C."

   "Oh." I yawned again. "Does this building have a shower?" I asked.

   "Er... we can make one," she answered.

   "How are  you going to do that?" This was all so confusing.

   "Easy. The same way Seattle made the car." She was walking backwards now, so that she could face me.

   Her skin was an olive complexion, and she had brown, almost black, hair.

   We crossed the threshold of the run down building, and she led me down a long hallway. The walls were made of concrete, along with the floor. Gray doors lined either side, and somewhere I could hear distant laughter and talking. It almost reminded me of the first ten minutes or so of first hour.

   "Everyone, meet Renna. Renna, meet everyone," Sylvia announced as we walked into a long room with a teal card table. Around the card table, a group of four guys were seated playing a game.

   "Hi Renna," the guys said. In the far corner, three girls were seated on a pair of leather couches. They were playing what appeared to be dominoes.

   "Hey Renna," they said.

   "Guys, arrange somewhere for her to sleep. Tracy, make a shower for her. You know how to do that," Sylvia commanded.

   A little bit later, I was drying off and changing into some sweat pants and a T-shirt that had been lying out for me. I walked back to the big room, and in a corner off to the left in the back was an air mattress with two pillows and a few colorful blankets. I appreciated their attempts at comfort.

   I noticed that in various places on the floor around the walls were more air mattresses and blankets. I presumed that that's where they slept.

   "Everyone, get some sleep. But remember, no deep sleeping," Sylvia said. I gathered that Sylvia acted as the leader, kind of. She didn't full on order these people around, but she was well respected by them. I liked that.

The End

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