Apparent Savior

   "Who are you?" I asked as we sped down the streets of New York City.

   "That's irrelevant," she said plainly.

   "So? I don't care. Who are you?" I asked again.

   "Fine. I'm the one who just saved your life, and continues to do so," she said. I snorted.

   "Saving my life!? That's ridiculous! You're not saving my life, your kidnapping me!" I shouted.

   "I didn't kidnap you. You got in this vehicle on your own decision," she snapped.

   "No. I got into the white SUV on my own decision. I never got inside a blue sports car," I retorted.

   "Same difference. You came with me of your own will. Not that I would've given you a choice, but still. I did not force you."

   "I don't care what you say. You kidnapped me."

   "Would you rather I left you there? Huh? You would've been killed if you'd stayed there. Now, shut up and listen to me," she interrupted me.

   "Your whole life has been a lie. Your 'mom' isn't who you think she is. She's a Silver Liner. You're not biologically her daughter. You were a test tube baby, and you her boss told her to take care of you until you matured," the girl said in a rush. This was hysterical!

   "You don't know anything about me, so don't be making up lies about my mom and I!" I yelled at her.

   "I'm not lying. I can prove it to you. Your full name is Laurenna Marie Jackson. You were born April 15th, 1994."

   "School records. It's not that hard to find out," I remarked.

   "Your best friend's name is Renae` Jean Johnson, sometimes called J.J. because of her middle and last innitials. You've only had two boyfriends- the first of which cheated on you last year," she said.

   "You could've found that out by asking around. You don't know anything," I denied.

   "Yeah? I know you have visions. You can see the furture, and have been able to since you were six. Your last vision was two weeks ago, predicting that you were going to slip on spilled milk," she said smugly.

   "How do you know that?" I asked, gaping at her.

   "The same way I know everything else. Your school records," she said sarcastically.

   "Haha. I'm busting up with laughter," I countered.

   She actually smiled. "That's just how I am. I can take a look at anyone, anything, hear something, touch something, taste something, and I know everything about it," she explained quietly.

   "Seriously? That's way cool," I exclaimed despite myself.

   "Not really." A deep silence fell upon us, and I got the feeling she wasn't liking this particular conversation.

   "So, what's a Silver Liner?" I asked her, trying to change the subject.

   "Very dangerous and bad people."

   "Okay then. How did you change so fast? And, how did you change the car?" I asked her another question.

   "That's what I do. I'm a Shape Shifter... actually, I'm an Advanced Shifter. Silver Liners, they're Shifters too," she said.

   "What's an Advanced Shifter?"

    "When we were taken to Florence Crane, they did a series of operations and tests on us. Well, during these procedures, something went wrong. None of us were harmed or deformed in anyway; we just have an extra ability. I know quite a few people who can control minds- they're called Compulsionists. I'm the only one like me, that I know of. Some can see the future, like you- but in a totally different way. Some can read minds. There's all sorts of different extra abilities. But not every one of us has an extra ability, so they're just Shifters. Your 'mom', or the woman who acted in that position... She has very acute hearing, better than an owl's," she explained to me.

      "Oh." It wasn't much, but it was all I could say right now. I was trying, oh so hard, not to cry right now.

   "Look. I know this is a big shock, and it's really hard to take in and all, but your life will never be the same.

The End

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