It was Monday and we were in first hour. Our teacher, Mr. Dullner, was running late. This wasn't anything new for us, though. Mr. Dullner was always late. One time, he came in half an hour late.

   Right now, everyone was talking and texting, laughing and screaming.

   I was talking with J.J., my best friend. We were making plans for next Friday when the phone rang, barely audible in all the chaos. I jumped up, yelling,

   "Hey! Phone call!"

   Everyone quieted down quickly, and I picked up the handset.

   "Mr. Dullner's classroom," I answered.

   "Is Laurenna Jackson there?"

   "Yes I am," I told him.

   "Your mother wants to see you. She says it's important," the man at the front desk said.

   "Oh, um, okay. I will be right there." I put the phone back.

   "J.J. you're in charge of the phone now. Bye guys."

   A chorus of, "Bye Renna"'s sounded as I slung my bag over my shoulder and left the room. Even with the door closed, I could still hear my friends yelling and laughing.

   I passed Mr. Dullner on my way to the office.

   "Bye Renna," he said. I smiled politely at him, glad I was getting to play hookie. Mr. Dullner was... well... dull. His name suited him perfectly.

   I turned a corner and stepped inside the stuffy office.

   "Hey Renna. You're already signed out," My mom said. She didn't sound too cheeful, and I was anxious to know what was gonig on.

   "So, what's up?" I asked as we left the school.

   "Get in," she commanded. I walked around to the passenger side of our white SUV, about to open the door, when she said,

   "Oh God. Not now!" I looked behind me at the sound of cars pulling in at the other end of the parking lot, about fourty meters away.

   The two vehicles screeched to a stop. All at once, several people, men and women dressed in black, swiftly got out of the car.

   I turned back to face my mom, going to ask what was going on. But I lost my ability to speak.

   Instead of the frizzy blond haired, grayish-blue eyed woman I knew only as my mother, I saw a girl with long wavy brown hair and mossy green eyes. I didn't see a wig or a box of contacts anywhere, and wondered who this was, and how she changed so quickly.

   "Stay here!" She shouted.

   "She's not staying anywhere. She's coming with us," one of the women in black yelled.

    I turned to see them, and realized that the woman who spoke was my real mom.

   "Mom!" I yelled. She glared at me. What was going on?!

   The girl who was my mom, or had previously looked like her anyways, ran foward and punched my real mom in the face, and kneed her in the gut.

   Two bigger and brawny men placed a hand on the girl's shoulders, but she gripped them both around the neck and knocked their heads together. They dropped like flies onto the black pavement. I watched in horror as a scene that belonged in a Jackie Chan movie played out infront of my very eyes.

   The eight, now five men and women moved in on the girl, but somehow, single-handedly, she took them down. It only took three minutes, but it felt like so much longer.

   "Get in," she commanded icily. "Before they wake up."

   Hastily, I scrambled to get inside the white SUV. The girl walked around to the driver's side, brushing a finger along the exterior. She was so graceful it made me a little sick to my stomach.

   Magically, the car shrunk, and the shape changed. Instead of an SUV, it appeared to be a blue sports car. I couldn't tell which just now, but that unconcerned me.


The End

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