the sequel to Shifting Love. Read Shifting Love first, if you haven't already, and you will know pretty much what all is going on, and what all happened. Enjoy! =D

1. Red Dot

The rain pounded on the windows of my bedroom. I stared out, watching as the cars swooshed by on the busy road. I loved the sound cars made while driving on wet pavement.

   One car alone stood out in the gray gloom. It was a crimson Mustang. A girl with long straight brown hair stood by the passenger door. She looked at ease in her long black coat and white skinny jeans; she was talking to someone on a shiny red cell phone. Every now and then, she would glance around herself as if she's waiting for someone.

   I don't know how she does it, how anyone does it, but she appeared to be undisturbed by the droplets of water falling from the sky. I hate being out in the rain. It messes up my hair and make-up.

   Twenty minutes had passed, and the girl was now inside the car, still talking on the red phone. She looked angry now.

   "Bye Renna! Have fun!" my mom called as she bustled out the door. She was running late, as per usual.

   "Bye mom!" I yelled back. I heard the door slam shut, and knew she was gone now. An eerie silence took over the small apartment.

   I pushed my blond hair out of my face, and continued to watch the red Mustang. A woman with curly brown hair emerged from the front doors downstairs and jumped into the crimson car. I'd seen the woman before; she lived here with her boyfriend. I had never seen the Mustang before, or the woman driving. Janis must have a new friend.

   The woman on the red phone hung up, and Janis looked up- directly at me. The Mustang shot off down the road. It was just a red speeding dot against a gray gloomy backdrop.

The End

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