Inside the Closet

She was hugging her knees, rocking herself back and forth in an effort to calm herself. The sound still carried to her ears despite the fact that she stuffed every pillow, blanket, and comforter through every crack where light could come from."Stop it! Please, stop it!" She whispered to no one. The screams still carried on as if she wasn't there, which of course, she wasn't. This time, tears were cascading down. They flowed as if they were in a race. They flowed as if on their own will."Where are you?" Her mother's voice asked. She sounded frantic and desperate. She could answer that she was just in here, if she looked hard enough, but the words wouldn't come. Instead, she lowered her head and continued to cry.Her mother's cries were going up an octave. "Please! Come out!" She begged. She was just outside the closet door. What would she do if her mother opened the door? Would she run into her mother's arms?She started moving, inching closer to the door. She pressed her hand against the cold wood. She could just imagine her mother doing the same thing in those movies they watched together. She wanted her mother to know she was just at the other side. But as much as she wanted that, she wanted to be safe more. Her mother couldn't guarantee her safety. She was only safe by herself, tucked away from others who could ever harm her.So she just stared at the door, silently begging her mother to open the knob and discover her. She pictured her mother's face just like hers, tear streaked and wary of what she was seeing, just before pulling her into her arms.Her mother kept calling out. Things like "Come out." ,"Please" and "Where are you?". Not once did her mother tell her it was alright. She just kept saying those three things again and again.
Gradually, her mother quieted and just started crying. She listened to her mother's sobs. She listened impassively because she was spent. She was done with everything in her life. Nothing, she resolved, would ever make her feel better.Soon, her mother's sobs were done too. She heard the soft thud of her mother's footsteps as she walked away. Was this it? Was her mother going to open the door now? She wasn't sure she wanted that. While she was contemplating, she realized that she couldn't hear her mother anymore. What happened?
She slowly opened the door and peeked through it. The outside was a complete mess. Everything was turned upside down. Out of place.She exited the closet and set foot onto the hallway. It was as messy as the room before. Maybe even messier. Downstairs was no better, it was the same. The difference was that her dad was lying unconscious on the floor. She gave a little shriek and ran to him. She placed her index and middle finger on his left wrist. It was faint. Then, she took a step back and stared at him. Unconscious, he looked peaceful. Not the man who made her life hell. Her mother had looked for her so that they could leave together and she hadn't answered. Now she was stuck with her father who was slowly fading away. 
She did the only thing she could do, she went upstairs and hid inside the closet. 

The End

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