Mind of a Killer

He took another sip of coffee before pulling his car over by the curb, in front of the house surrounded by police tape and personnel. As he exited his car a man about his age and height with brown hair approached him.

"Tavistok you're not going to like this."

He raised his eyebrows before nodding at the man, moving past an armed officer and through the door. He made his way up the stairs, the other man beside him still rambling on about the sight upstairs.

"It's...beyond any murder we've ever handled in a couple of years boss. This guy...he...he cut this girl up terribly."

"Cut her up?"

The man nodded. He gestured towards an open bedroom that had been covered with more yellow security tape.He calmly made his way towards a bloody bed after his panicky partner, towards the red body of the murdered woman. There was a large gash around her neck, the obvious cause of her death was blood loss by a thin razor wire.

He reached into his pocket before pulling out a pair of gloves, motioning his partner closer. He took out a camera and proceeded to take pictures of the crime scene. He drew out a swab stick, wetting the cloth part of it with blood.

"You think she would have fought back eh boss?"

He shook his head. "Not likely Mister Fox. Judging by the way her body seems to be in a relaxed position and her bed doesn't seem to have been creased at all. If she had been struggling the bed would have been more disturbed." He closed his eyes for a moment after seeing the large, dried stain of blood on the bed's sheet.

"So you mean whoever did this, our victim allowed it?"

He shook his head yet again at his partner. "So it seems mister Fox. But I think that our victim was attacked during her sleep."

The other man placed his camera down before glancing at the body. "Wouldn't she have felt the wire cutting her?"

He stood up and placed the swab sample in a bag. "Again true Mister Fox. But what if our unsub used some sort of anesthetic? Something that would numb her body and knock her out?"

Fox face was one of confusion before turning into one of realization. "Of course! Our killer-sorry unsub,  probably used some sort of knock out...thing and that's how..."

He nodded before handing the bag to his chatty partner. He shut his mouth before heading back downstairs.

"Good man, just a big mouth." He said to himself. He stood up and began to leave the room when he stopped and walked back towards the body. Somehow this woman had been murdered and they were cold on any suspects. She had been a charity worker, and a most energetic and spirited one at that.

What motive would our killer have of killing this woman?

He knelt closer to the body and then hiccuped. He hadn't noticed before but the woman's face reminded him of his mother's, at least when she was young.

"Hey Sam, I think we have a witness."

He turned around to see a his partner and a young woman. The young woman was wide eyed and she seemed to be shivering. No doubt of the gruesome sight.

"She says she was with some friends when this strange looking "dude" ran by with a bag. Maybe a bag of wire and our knockout item?"



The End

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