Inside My HouseMature

Ella is home alone one night, just got to sleep when an intruder comes into her house and scares her into locking herself in her bathroom. With her husband due home in a few days, she hopes and preys to stay alive until then.

I smoothed out my cream coloured pillow, a gift from my mother when I first moved into my dream house. My silky gown clung to my thighs and hips as I moved around the bedroom. I brushed out the last of my messy blonde hair that I hadn’t had cut for 8 months. The bed looked welcoming and warm. I pulled back the blankets and tucked my feet under the covers. I could feel the heat from the lamp beside me as I reached over and flicked the on/off button. I spent a few minutes studying the dark objects before I finally fell asleep.

CRASH! I sat up in a panic. Had I just heard something smash or was I dreaming it? I opened my eyes and listened for a few seconds. I could hear a low voice whispering, sounding like it was close by. I turned on the lamp and looked for anything I could find in the draw beside my bed. Magazines, lip balm, a cell phone and a large metal candle holder that I had got sick of seeing a few months earlier and hid it away. I grabbed the phone and tucked it into my bra then swiped the candle stick holder and ran to the bathroom. I lock the door, thinking the worst. I could hear anything over my panicked gasps of air. I sat on the floor facing the door and tried to catch my breath. It’s probably Charlie back from his trip early. Yeah, no need to panic. Just calm down Ella, breathe. Suddenly the bedroom door swung open and a male voice screamed my name.
“Ella! Where are you hiding my lovely! There is no need to hide; I’m not going to hurt you, much.” He tainted. I didn’t recognize the voice. My palms were clammy and I could feel the blood running away from my skin. I felt faint. I was trapped, with a man in my house, right outside the door.

I could see his shadow under the door. He was wearing white sneakers. Charlie didn’t own any white sneakers. BANG! The door burst open and fell to the side, barely hanging onto its hinges. The man was wearing a black mask, but had white skin and was tall with a lean body. I tried to recognize him, but I couldn’t. Puddles of salty water started to form on my night gown, seeping into the silky material.
“Don’t cry sweetie, I’m going to take care of you!” He soothed. I scrawled up in a ball, holding my legs up by my face, protecting myself from this monster. I had never been good at protecting myself. Especially when I got into fights at high school. His face was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.


                                                                       *       *  

I drag my feet up to the door. Grab the knob and pull. Locked. I gave the door a nudge and it opens right up. I immediately step onto soft green carpet. I take my shoes off and neatly put them to the side. I’m surrounded by wooden cabinets with vases full of fresh flowers. I see a picture frame of a beautiful blonde lady holding hands with a man. There are pictures all over the walls, almost exactly the same as this one. I take a few steps towards a room that looks to be the lounge filled with antique furniture. I sit on the couch and close my eyes, trying to imagine the blonde and myself walking along the beach, hand in hand. I cut straight to the stairs, knowing very well I will be returning to make myself comfortable. The banister is a dark brown and is smooth under my skin. When I reach the top of the stairs I walk directly to the door in front of me. I can see a light under the door. Honey, I’m home.I open the door to find the blankets pulled back, but where is my wife? The draw is wide open, so I go over to take a peep. Lipstick, magazines, that’s my girl.I smile. I can hear a voice whimpering in the bathroom. I frown.
“Ella! Where are you hiding my lovely! There is no need to hide; I’m not going to hurt you.” I gaze around the room until my eyes set sight on a door. I find my way towards the door. I can hear her sobbing. I take a step back then stand to my side. With little effort I hit the door and it opens. My wife is cradled on the floor, crying intensely.
“Don’t cry sweetie, I’m going to take care of you!” I soothed her. She closed her eyes and became limp.My poor darling, I need to take care of her. I pick her up in my arms and place her delicately back in her bed. I tuck her in and peck her forehead. She moves ever so slightly. Lights off and back down the stairs I go.


The End

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