Chapter 3 - Let's Talk (2)

"Oh honey, your father and I prayed you would wake up.." tears had formed in her beautiful eyes. "You're okay now, mommy and daddy will keep you safe now." She smiled as I was hugged by my parents, safe in their arms.

"Oh Luke, there is someone here to see you." He said to me wiping tears away back to his macho self. As he walked out of the my room he came back with a girl. "It's a girl, Susan I think her name is." She gave him a nod of approval, "She came by our house when she didn't see you at school. I guess you two must have walked home if she knows where we live." I blushed and saw Susan giggle like all the beautiful girls do. "Come on Laura, we should leave the two alone." My mother agreed and they both walked out as Susan came to my right side.

She grabbed one of the comfy chairs that my father had been sitting at and brought it closer and sat as close as she could to me, her angelic look glowed as much as the last time I saw her. "You know they're right, I got really worried you weren't at school for a couple days. I remember you led me kinda to your place and actually went door to door asking for you until I found your parents. They were.. in tears, and I was too." She looked away, "But you're better now, you're parents, they are really nice." She turned back to face me with a smile.

The End

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