Chapter 3 - Let's Talk (1)

I awoke to the sound of crying, my ears being the first thing to work, followed by my eyes I opened them to the walls of a hospital. With the white and sterile walls, a television in the corner and the constant beeping of the heart monitor. I gazed to where I heard the tears which fell onto the floor, it was my father.

Never in my life have I seen him cry, it broke my heart to see the man I always looked up to for encouragement. The one who I knew would tell me be strong and never shed a tear even if the worst thing had happened, I saw my father for who he was. He was a 36 year old man who cared deeply for me, and the sight of his crying would be the only thing in my mind for the rest of my life.

After a couple more moments I weakly spoke like someone who had been screaming for many hours, "D..daddy.." My father looked up quicker than I thought a neck was possible of being turned and ran to my bedside and hugged me tight. I thought he would never would let go.

"Luke, I.." He sniffled, "I thought we lost you.." Tears flowed from our eyes, "I don't know what I would've done.."

"Luke! You're awake!" My mother yelled running to me in tears from the room entrance. She made everything better, like all moms did. Her warm hands which wiped the tears and sorrow away, I at least knew I still had two best friends left.

The End

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