Chapter 2 - He Left (3)

I hugged the tree like if Cole was there with the exact thing I wished for so long, to see his bright blue eyes and stylishly messy blonde hair would mean the most to me. "I.. I'm sort sorry Cole. I would do anything to bring you back. Anything.." Tears escaped my fragile face, and I felt as though I cried for an eternity.

"Honey it's time to go." My mother said while she gently wiped the tears from my face. "Give me your hand, we'll walk together." I stood up as I gave my mother my hand, I looked ahead and saw Cole's parents holding hands and rested their heads on each other as we all walked back.

Later we arrived home and I began to ready myself for bed. Before I decided to sleep I ran to my parents bedroom and gave each of them a kiss and long hug. "Goodnight." I said.

"Goodnight." My dad said as they both smiled and turned off their lights.

My bed which I slept on never truly did a good job ever since Cole's passing. I took sleeping pills just to feel the effect of just any exhaustion, the night I took one more than usual to rid myself of today and drifted into bliss. My mind became free, and my body an almost lifeless vessel.

A feeling of pain came over on my left arm and I awoke in a black room of absolute nothing. Nothing except myself, I looked at my left arm and the name 'COLE' manifested. "It is your fault!" A loud voice boomed. I covered my innocent ears to not become deafen by the noise, but to no avail. "Why! Why kill me why?!" I fell to my knees in pain.

"Please! I'm sorry! Cole forgive me!" I pleaded with my heart, I believed it worked.

"Then if you were truly sorry you wouldn't have the guilt of my death in your conscience."

"Yea I would." I began to tear up and sniffle, "I can't let go of you or what I've done." I stood up and wiped the tears.

"Why Luke? After all these years why can you not forget?" I took a big breath.

"It's because you're the only person I ever trusted. I.. I loved you Cole." The name on my arm began to fade, as a boy walked out of the shadows and came to me. I was unable to see his face, speak or move. His arms extended and began to hug me. I knew then, it was Cole.

The End

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