Chapter 2 - He Left (2)

As he lost his footing on the branch while his hand desperately tried to keep a hold of the branch which let him go, he came in contact with other, more deadlier branches. The worst wasn't over, no, the worst was his head being the first thing to come in contact with the grey and unaffected concrete down below. I ran to him, shaking him hoping in some miracle way he was just sleeping..

"Cole! Cole! Wake up! Come on bro, don't.. stop playing around.." I kept shaking to the point of which I thought my own head would fall off. "Cole.. wake up.." I cried as tears flooded my vision I rested my head on his chest hoping to hear the beautiful sound of his heart.

"L..Lu..Luke.." I heard Cole say over the sound of my sobbing as I rose my head.
 "Why Luke?" I wiped my tears away as I came into a decayed and demonic version of my once playful and sarcastic friend, his eyes were black with hate and anger. "Why did you kill me Luke?! Trying to get rid of me huh?!" He yelled as he slowly rose from the ground which had cared for him, though suddenly a voice called to me.

"Luke. Buddy." My memory faded as I opened my eyes to reality, to my father's eyes which gave a look of pity and sorrow. "Hey pal, you dozed off. We're heading back home soon alright?" I nodded as I sat right up and watched my father walk away to the adults and gave a smile.

I noticed I was laying next to the tree, funny. When he was still alive this would be our tree, we'd always come here for the littlest of things. From just playing tag, or hide and seek to discussing our little secrets to everyday things at school.

The End

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