Chapter 2 - He Left (1)

As Susan and I said our goodbyes and I got closer to my house I noticed another car parked outside. Curious as I was clueless I went up the three little steps and heard crying. I pondered as I opened the door until I saw the Johnson's and realized then.

"It's today?" I questioned. Everyone nodded, except for Mrs. Johnson as she sat in my mother's arms in tears. My father who seemed to be not apart of the group as much as my mother, came up to me and hugged me bear tight.

"I hope I never lose you." He said to me while he desperately tried to hold back any tears.

"Should we go?" Mr. Johnson said to us, we all nodded.

The walk I took that day felt like I had been walking for years. It was that day three years ago, that would never leave my mind until the day I died. It was a moment I would remember for an eternity.

"Hey Cole bet you can't climb to the top of that tree!" I had said.

"You're on!" As he spoke, he climbed faster than a cheetah on speed. I hadn't realized a boy could even climb that fast. "You owe me Luke! I win!" I had looked to him.

"In your dreams! That was just an easy tree! You can't dodge rocks!!" I had said to him as I gathered tiny rocks and threw them at his legs as he moved slightly. It began to rain lightly.

"Why'd ya give up? 'cuz you know you suck at throwing!" He told me with a smile, just then it began to rain harder and my clothes became soaked.

"It's raining! You're going to fall!" I yelled to him over the sound of rain pulverizing the gravel as I pleaded him to get down.

"Luke, come on man! Let's just have fun, throw more some rocks unless you're scared of a little rain!" The sky lit up as loud thunder was heard throughout the world. I looked around for another rock to throw and it was the size of a golf ball and threw it at his legs.

What had happened in that moment, is the reason I will never find peace. As the rock hit his leg, the rain had overpowered the branch making it more slippery than ice.

The End

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