Chapter 1 - The Day We Met (2)

"Y-yea s-sure." I said to her and she smiled and gave a light nod yes while writing down our names on the assignment and handed it to the teacher.

The bell rang as all the students piled out the door pushing each other as Susan and I were the last ones out and we walked side by side. We walked the usual walk I'm sure every high school student ever took, walking by drug addicts, gang members, and drug dealers.  Almost like a prison but more 'student friendly' as they called it.

We both walked out of the main entrance surprisingly still walking beside each other as I turned to her. "I believe we end here?" I asked.

"Well that depends, how far do you live?"

"About a five minute walk." She gave a smile.

"Then we can keep going, I live about the same away." I gave a nod and smiled as we continued walking. "So Luke, what do you like to do in your free time?"

"Think mostly. On the wonders of life and what a Hell it is. What about you?" She pondered a moment. Gymnastics mostly. I've been in national and state competitions. I've won them all." I smiled at her, flexible girl she must be. Can't imagine what she'd be like later on in life.

"That's really cool." I said with some emotion giving a big smile.

"Yeah it is. You could come by and watch me practice sometime." I nodded and smiled. "Well Luke, my house is down this block. So I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow?"

"Yea, you'll see me tomorrow. Thank God it's Friday tomorrow huh?" She giggled.

"Yep it is. Bye Luke!" She said waving goodbye.

"Bye Susan." I smiled and waved back.

The End

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