Chapter 1 - The Day We Met (1)

A 14 year old boy finds brand new hope after the passing of his best friend years ago and is led on a little adventure through his new life. Though his friend has not yet passed and only awaited the perfect time to arise a visit.

It had begun like every other day, void of any meaning to me. As I ate alone and watched the birds from outside enjoying what I thought was a Hell. My gaze geared toward a group of girls, and my eyes met with, who I believed was the prettiest. Though I shrugged it off as I knew my chances with her were thin as hair.

I managed to make it to the last class of the day, chemistry. A cheap and kid friendly way of saying, 'Hey kids! Let's learn how to make crack in your kitchen!' Useless class I always thought, unless you're willing to spend your entire life busting your head open with a hammer and cramming formulas into it to learn it.

"Now everyone please be seated, first we're going to discuss gas properties.." I seized paying attention and realized that I wasn't the only one. Through my black hair the same girl from lunch smiled at me from her table across from mine. "Alright everyone understand?" The room was silent, "Great, now get a partner and start the lab." I stayed seated as I knew I rarely if at all partnered, just my luck. The girl came up to me, her voice was one I wouldn't ever forget, the sweet tone of her words and they escaped her everlasting mouth as she spoke.

"Hi. Do you want to be partners?" I looked at her for a moment.

"Uh, s-sure I guess. I don't understand what we're doing though." I said getting up from my seat, she smiled and gave a light giggle.

"It's alright, I don't know either, we'll just fail the lab together." She gave another smile, my thoughts wandered as we walked over to a station and she taking charge, doing all the work as I just stood there nodding like I understood. It felt like hours had passed, as I looked at the clock I actually was right.

"Alright class, turn your sheet in with your name and your partner's name and get cleaned up. You have five minutes of class left." I gave the girl a light smile before I went back to my seat to pack up what little papers we were given that day. As I got my backpack on I was tapped on the shoulder.

"Hey um, I-I I didn't catch your name, I kind of need it for the assignment. I'm Susan by the way." She said with a sort of embarrassed and lighthearted smile, I just kept smiling.

"I uh.. my-my name is L-Luke."

"Well uh Like, would you want to walk with me out?" My brain functions froze as I searched for an answer.

The End

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