Zinc IslandsMature

Geronimo, in the Matilda Island chain, off the northeast coast of Antarctica.

3:04 am , March 5th, 2031: Eight-teen hours after the first incident.


For fuck sake. I've been in this icy hell-hole for three god damned years!

 At first, I remember seeing nothing but the astonishing salary, and the career opportunities that awaited me, being the chief bio-engineer on Geronimo, so I happily obliged to their offer.

 When I saw the bird-eye view, coming in on a helicopter, I thought Geronimo was a typical antarctic island; rocky, icy, with a few outbuildings that looked like they belonged in the last century.

 When we landed (which the temperature was at the time, minus 40 celsius) Colonel MacRondell and his underlings, escorted me to a very archaic shack, and in my arrogance, I quipped, " This is the elusive Ravencrest Station! It looks more like an old fisherman's pisspot home. Very disappointing, considering the billions of dollars the you people have spent on this hovel." Our little posse stopped dead, and the Colonel turned to me, with a very I-don't-give-a-fuckesque expression and grunted," You disappoint me Dr. Stahl." and the march toward the flimsy bulding started again.

After finding out that the out-buldings were just a facade, and the whole of the complex was underground, I felt supremely embarrased. I had got settled in, and began my work, the majority of it based on decoding the human genome. My team, Dr. Othelo, Dr. McElroy and Miss. Courtney, worked day and night almost up until now, tirelessly reading genetic sequences for hours on end. At the station, many commodaties that the rest of te civilized world had were a luxury! Coffee was just as expensive as gold, and to see the sun was a very dangerous expidition, when outside the station was a veretable wasteland of blizzards and bone-chilling temperatures. After completing what many thought was impossilbe, we had completly decoded, and mapped the human genome, my team was split, reassigned, and only Vince Othelo is still on the island.

I was assigned to do tedious and mundane tasks, such as the testing of a species of antarctic seaslug's ability to survive several genetic modification, which it didn't. Realizing the short-sighted reasons in which I had accepted the HSPO (Human Survivabillity and Prosperity Organization) offer of employment, was quite a bothersome venture now, I have grown tiresome of this place even more of late.

"And now, they call me at three-fucking-o'clock in the morning! The nerve they have! Well, I better appease their graces." I said aloud. I put on my casual wear, not caring for formality this early, and headed up to Colonel MacRondell's office. I entered his suave office, which was walled with oak, had large hardwood benches, armoires, and display cabinets, and the walls lined with his many paintings and photos of his past ventures.

"Sit down Fred." Colonel MacRondell said, and I thought curious, it doesn't seem that he's for formalities either. I sat down in a large, and incredibly comfortable chair, opposite to him.

"What is this all about Colonel, it's awfully early for any briefings, couln't this wait until..." I was cut off."Lilith was assaulted eight-teen hours ago, in a New York cafe." The colonel said, and releasing a heavy sigh, he continued, "She is in critical condition in New York's Presbyterian Hospital. She's just woken up out of a coma."

I was taken aback. Lilith,"What happened to Lilith!"


The End

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