A more realistic view into the world of espionage, in which, the world is as messed up as it seems. The questionable protagonist Patrick Lane, previously Samuel James Foramen, has 4 hours to expunge his records from his cover background and deliver the intel to the agency before he is considered rogue and therefore a liability...

The file hit the wooden table with an audible thump, everyone in the room turned away from the sound to face the screen at the front of the room. An image filled the screen, the blinding light didn't phase any of the people staring at it, and the leader of the congregation began to speak;"The target is called Samuel James Foramen,  he is a possible field agent and needs to be extracted for training. He has been scouted for potential by the assessors at Cambridge University and has joined many of the 'Youth Seminars' we run, he has excelled at many of the key aspects we have decided are criteria, however this mission is of paramount importance as the target is due to leave the university to Australia this week. His drop off point or rendezvous if the mission goes wrong is Superior Duke..."  

The End

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