Definitely Humble

A humorous novel depicting an arrogant, young girl who becomes a therapist. Somehow this young women, despite her many quirks, becomes famous for miraculously curing and comforting her patients through an extremely hands on process.

"As a child I had dreamed of being a singer. My mother told me I had a voice like an angel, and my friends always complimented the songs I wrote. I considered myself to be a child prodigy. I was definitely humble, as everyone could clearly see, but throughout my entire adolescence I maintained the hope that one day somebody would discover my immense talent and I would become famous." Autumn Anderson mumbled to herself.

She imagined the crowds cheering and clapping as she spoke.

"Autumn, Autumn, Autumn!" They chanted.

She imagined herself bowing graciously and waving like a pageant princess.

"Anderson, what are you doing?" Mr. Larry said glaring ominously at her from his desk.

"Um­I­I was just about to file those papers you've been waiting for." She said.

"Speak up Anderson! Shyness is something I can not afford at this facility. I've noticed you spacing out and mumbling to yourself a little bit too often lately! Can I please see you in my office after you finish filing those papers?" He asked.

She nodded, not looking directly at him. 


The End

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