The Girls Land in a Meadow

Florence landed flat on her front in the meadow of purple flowers.  Jenna landed on top of her.  Lavender landed on top of both of her sisters, gasping and sweating from fear and exhaustion.

"I...need to lie down..." she murmured as she slipped down and lay on her back, breathing in and out.

"Jenna, you need to lose weight," Florence murmured as she shoved her older sister off "Oh, purple flowers, my favourite."

Jenna scowled whilst watching the second daughter nibbling the purple petals off a couple of flowers.

"Weirdos, you're all weirdos," she muttered as she stood and brushed herself down.

"I learnt from the best," Florence giggled despite the venomous glare Jenna gave her.

"Why you..."

"Will you please for the love of God stop arguing for five minutes?!" Lavender bellowed at them as she sat up whilst massaging her temples.

Florence and Jenna opened their mouths at the same time only to be interrupted by...

The End

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