Dr Ari Fox's Daughters

There's a fine line between crossing towards the realm of insanity.

Three sisters slammed the doors closed and pressed their backs firmly against them.

“This was a bad day to wear my third favourite dress,” Florence muttered.

“You always wear dresses, oh my God, Flo, what’s the matter with jeans and blouses?” Jenna hissed.

“That’s rich, because you’re wearing a dress too!”

“At least I’m wearing a stylish dress!”

“Shush, he’s coming!” Lavender hissed.


The sisters froze as their father’s voice echoed through the air.

“Florence!” he called as footsteps walked past the doors “Lavender!  Come out, come out!  Daddy’s here…”

The sisters evened their breathing as his footsteps faded away.

“Our father is insane…” Florence muttered.

“Oh gee, did you just notice?” Jenna raised an eyebrow.

“I’m just saying for the record!” Florence hissed.

“And while we’re at it, how about we talk about how insane you are too as his daughter?”

“You’re his daughter too!”

“I didn’t take over the world and only lasted as ‘Queen of Nightmares’ for about a year and a half!”

“Please, what’s so classy about ‘Lady of Ethylias’?  So unoriginal!  And you lasted for about two months!”

“Well I didn’t have sex with some creepy demon then got knocked up with an equally messed up kid then gave her a stupid name!”

“Leave Forget-Me-Not alone!  And have you ever had sex with Nightmare?  He’s great!”

“Why, thank you, dearie,” Nightmare appeared before them in a flurry of blue flames “Want to set a date?”

“I’ll get to you when we get out of this mess!” Florence bared her teeth at him.

Nightmare sucked in a breath as he stared at her.

“Damn, you’re sexy when you’re all grown up, angry and in a proper woman’s body,” he said as he licked his lips.

“Damn, you’re just as hot as always,” Florence growled and launched herself on top of him, kissing him hungrily.

“Florence, stop that!” Lavender hissed as she grabbed Florence’s collar and pulled her off Nightmare “Nightmare, this is a family matter, butt out!”

“Oh, missing Horror are we?” Nightmare raised an eyebrow at Lavender and tickled her under the chin “You’re so cute.”

Lavender slapped his hand away and her hand let out a golden aura.

“Back to Hell.  Now.”

Nightmare sighed but before leaving, he winked suggestively at her.  Lavender’s power left her hand as Nightmare disappeared into blue flames.

“You too, Lav?” Jenna raised an eyebrow at her.

“Nothing ever happened between me and Horror,” Lavender said firmly.

“Huh, probably makes her the sanest in the family and our mother was possessed by Kurizian in her psycho stages,” Jenna shrugged her shoulders.

“So you admit you’re insane?” Florence raised an eyebrow.

“So I have a little complex?  So what, I’m getting therapy!  Unlike you, single mom and sleeping around with demons.”

“They’re brilliant in bed!”


The sisters rushed back to barricade the doors.

“I have something you like!”

Lavender’s nose twitched and she gasped.

“I smell human intestines…” she whispered and licked her lips hungrily.

Jenna and Florence stared at her incredulously.

“Still the sanest in the family?” Jenna whispered.

“Still the sanest, it’s only a matter of her diet choices,” Florence nodded.

“I haven’t had human intestines for years,” Lavender whimpered as she bit her lip.

Her stomach grumbled.

“Lav, don’t give into him,” Jenna whispered.

“Once you go out there for those intestines, he’ll just grab you and probably get you to eat your own intestines, stuff you, turn you into a doll or try to possess you with a parasite demon,” Florence said.

“But they smell so good,” Lavender whined.

“Get it together, girl!” Jenna hissed.

“Florence!  Come out!  I want to see my little special girl!”

Jenna gritted her teeth as Florence swallowed nervously.

“Jenna!  Where’s my little princess?”

“Ha, I’m his princess,” Jenna sneered.

“Because I’m a queen,” Florence sneered back.

“Where’s your crown then?” Jenna raised an eyebrow.

“Where’s your tiara?”

“At home, now where’s your crown?”

“Crowns are too mainstream!”

“Guys!” Lavender hissed “Stop arguing about royalty and think of something to get us out of here!”

“Jenna, Florence and Lavender, my three special little girlies!”

Jenna, Florence and Lavender widened their eyes fearfully as they heard the chainsaw.

“How much magic to do you two have left?” Lavender asked.

“Enough to melt that chainsaw,” Jenna shrugged.

“Enough to make us invisible for five minutes,” Florence raised an eyebrow.

“Lend it all to me, I can get us out of here!”

Florence and Jenna exchanged a look before grabbing Lavender’s hands to let their remaining magic flow into her.  Lavender grabbed both of their shoulders before emitting a bright golden glow.  A golden flash later and they were gone, just as their father cut through the doors and barged in.

The End

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